9 Important Under the Radar Spots in Italy That No One must Miss

trip to italy

Italy is the most enjoyable tourist destination in the world. Cities such as Rome, Venice, Florence, etc. should be visited for their uniqueness and cultural history. The Amalfi Coast and the Cinque Terre area are stunning. However, in a country brimming with cultural and natural wonders, you’ll be spoilt for choices when it comes to pristine regions places. We have gathered some top choices for your Italy tour, which is on the radar, but often missed out on major bus tours and ferry rides.

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Under The Radar Spots in Italy

trip to italy

  • Castelluccio Plateau in Umbria is an impressive plateau between the Sibillini Mountains. During May to mid-July, you can see a wide array of colorful flowers known as La Fiorita that contains daisies, lilies, poppies, etc.
  • Matera is also Italy’s city of stone in Basilicata which is carved by deep canyons. It narrates the cultures and civilizations of Europe in the 1950s when people stayed in caves, which is now a famous tourist destination.
  • What we generally miss is the Boite Valley located on either side of the River Boite near the Dolomite peaks. You can walk down the old railway track, which is now a cycling path for tourists, or sit beside the lake Calalzo for a scenic view.
  • The city of Lucca in Tuscany is another exciting place to visit experience medieval life by roaming around the streets, along with the ancient walls.
  • Alberobello in Puglia and its surrounding Itria Valley are known for their white cones houses. There is no other city like this that has a unique roof and systematic structure.
  • Via Krupp in Capri is known for the beautiful landscape and sea view. Head at the peak to the Augustus Gardens and watch the beautiful Capri city.
  • San Cassiano is covered with alpine trees. You can also experience the Ladin culture and traditional South Tyrolean.
  • San Leo village, in Emilia-Romagna is located on a rock. Not much can be done in the village except sit on the rooftop of the castle and enjoy the scenic beauty and walk around in the broad daylight with your loved one.
  • Genoa is a port city in Liguria, which is the largest port town in Italy. There are plenty of sights to see once you reach the destination.

There are various spots that are missed by tourists during their visit to Italy. This year keep extra days in hand to explore the countryside of Italy as well. You will be surprised to learn the traditional and aesthetic value of the city.


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