A beautiful trip to Manila: learn what to do, and where to visit

Are you traveling to the Philippines this summer? Want to know what to do in Manila? First of all, let’s talk about the map of this country. It looks like a puzzle. There are so many islands. It is difficult to locate the territory. But you can spot Manila in the north-west of the country, in a bay within the northernmost island. The Port of Manila has a busy schedule because almost 100% of the products in the country come through this port.

What to do in Manila?

Intramuros- Intramuros is the historic center of Manila. Located in a bay, Manila has the privilege of its strategic position for maritime trade. In Intramuros, you will be able to see the main historical monuments. Among them, Fort Santiago is most preferable to the tourists.


Santiago Fort-

During the visit to Intramuros, take the opportunity to enter Fort Santiago. There you can visit the ruins of the old fortress, the Joze Rizal museum, and the park of the same name, in honor of the national hero Jose Rizal.

Tour with Carlos Celdran-

Carlos Celdran is a well-known character in Manila for being an activist who fought for awareness about HIV and reproductive health in the Philippines. After years of working directly in theatre, arts, cinema, and culture, he put together a tour that was both informative and entertaining for tourists. However, his tours tell, sometimes debauched, sometimes patriotic, what happened inside Intramuros and fiercely informs some sad but important passages that occurred in the country.

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Jeepney ride-

It is not a tourist attraction, but the main form of public transport in Manila. It is an adapted American jeep, inherited from the Second World War. People enter the back of the Jeepney and tell the driver where they want to get off, anywhere on the line. So go there, take some notes and get on a Jeepney, even for a few meters.

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Makati City-


Makati is another district. It is the wealthy island of Manila. Everything in Makati is very different from Manila, you will see mega buildings, megastores, mega restaurants, Green Belt Malls shopping center, which allows a pleasant walk between air-conditioned shops and pavilions, parks, and open-air restaurants. It has playgrounds for children and tends to please people of all ages.

Ayala Museum-

This is an interesting museum, which always has temporary exhibitions and a floor that tells the entire history of the Philippines through models, from the ancient period to the most modern events in the country.

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Green Hills-

Green Hills is a gallery where you can see, buy, and trade local products from the Philippines, including the famous regional pearls and precious stones.

Unlike goods, you can arrive comfortably in Manila. The best option is to go through the flight. The city has a modest airport, whose official name is Airport Ninoy Aquino. If you are staying in Singapore and want to go for a trip to Manila, then book Singapore to manila flights online.


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