All About Designing a Personalized Temporary Tattoo

Gone are the days when temporary tattoos were considered childish and cheap. Now, there are such great design options available in temporary tattoos, that finding one that suits your style and attitude is very much possible. Also, with the help of a printing studio, one can even create tattoo designs and flaunt them.

However, if you are not a designer, you can always pay for one and get a custom designed tempoary tattoo made. The thing is, the whole point of getting a temporary tattoo is to add a fashion statement to your body without being stuck with it for life. Some people even opt for a temporary tattoo to check how a design will look before going permanent. Nevertheless, if this is the case with you, then getting a custom design is better.

Designing details
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Points to consider while designing a personalized temporary tattoo

1. Skin color and type

First of all, keep in mind that your skin tone, irrespective of how dark or fair it is, shouldn’t stop you from being creative. Some people believe that people with darker skin tones cannot go for tattoos as there are limited pigment options. Well, this is not true. It is only because of a lack of imagination that one cannot come up with a decent design.

If you or someone for whom you are designing a tattoo has dark skin, simply play with colors and find the best hues suitable for the skin’s tone. People with dark skin can even experiment with negative space. All in all, the possibilities are endless, irrespective of your skin tone.

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2. Tattoo Color

Pigments look lighter or darker depending on one’s skin tone. So, if you have selected a shade, but it doesn’t look great on your skin, simply try making it lighter or darker. The natural tone of your skin will interfere with the ink tone, and thus you have to make adjustments. If you plan to sell this design, you can make it in multiple color combinations considering different skin tones.

3. Designing details

A tattoo design that has many fine lines is expected to be more expensive. This is because the details are more defined. However, keep in mind that a low-quality printer will not be able to print this design as per your expectations. Also, it will be a problem if you use JPEG, PNG, or any other low-quality image file.

So, for best results find a company that can print your tattoo at 300 PPI at least. The higher they can go the better. This is especially necessary if you plan to print a photograph. Images with 300 PPI are considered high-resolution, and that is what you need if your tattoo has an intricate design.

Image Size
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4. Image Size

Before you decide on the size of the tattoo, it is best if you decide on the specific body part where you want the tattoo. Certain tattoo designs look much better when they are small in size (for instance –  a symbol).

However, if you want to design a tattoo for back printing, you can take all the space that you need and design a bigger and more intense design.

Unlike other visual art, where the art is laid on a white canvas, a tattoo is going to be printed on your skin.

So, if you will keep all the points mentioned here in mind, surely you will come up with a design that suits your body the best.


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