Adult Criminal Records for Expunction or Sealing in Texas

Having a criminal record can affect your life in many ways as it makes it difficult to find a good job, get loan approvals, obtain a professional license, or even secure housing. Texas law allows its citizens with certain types of adult criminal records to have them either expunged or sealed, which makes their criminal records inaccessible to the general public.

The process of expunging an adult criminal record in Texas is called an expunction. Some adult criminal records can be sealed by court order and are called an “order of nondisclosure”. Once your criminal record is expunged or sealed, it will not be visible to the general public which includes potential employers too.

Adult Criminal Records

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Adult Criminal Records that Qualify for Expungement in Texas

Expungement is the legal process in which the criminal records are destroyed and you can legally deny in most cases ever being arrested, convicted for a crime, or pleading guilty. The adult criminal records may be expunged if you were detained for a misdemeanor or crime under the following circumstances:

  • You were charged and the case was later dismissed.
  • You were arrested, but not charged officially.
  • You were convicted but were later found innocent.
  • You were convicted but were pardoned.

Waiting Period

Waiting Period

Texas law mandates that if you were detained and not charged with a felony then you wait for some time before applying for expunction.

  • For Class C misdemeanor, it is 180 days from the date of arrest.
  • For Class A and B misdemeanors, it is 12 months from the date of arrest.
  • For a felony, it is three years from the date of arrest.

Adult Criminal Records that Qualify for Record Sealing in Texas

The sealing of adult criminal records or “nondisclosure” in Texas refers to the sealing of arrest case records. It allows individuals to file a petition to have their adult criminal records sealed and removed from the database. It also prevents certain criminal justice agencies from disclosing information about your adult criminal records history to the public.

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Record Sealing in Texas

Waiting Period

  • The waiting period for serious offenses is two years.
  • Felonies have a five-year waiting period.
  • There is no waiting period if your penalty was just a fine.

Offenses not Eligible for an Order of Disclosure

Certain offenses do not qualify for disclosure in Texas like:

  • Serious charges of kidnapping
  • Human trafficking
  • Injuring a child, an elderly or disabled person
  • Stalking
  • Violation of domestic violence
  • Murder

Various factors determine whether your adult criminal record qualifies for expunction or sealing. Taking the advice of a qualified Texas criminal lawyer will help you know the legal process so that you make the right decision.


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