5 Types of Different Alcohol Dependent Persons and Their Nature

Alcoholism is a condition, which arises due to prolonged consumption of alcohol by any human being. It results in significant mental and physical abnormalities. Alcoholism is a condition that occurs when a person is alcohol dependent or alcoholic in nature.


Being an alcoholic person is on its own catastrophic in nature. It leads to severe consequences not only to themselves but also to their belongings. It is advised to take experts’ help to treat it with utter urgency. There are too many rehab centers providing treatment to alcoholics, but genesis recovery in San Diego is at the apex for performing this job. They are known for their advanced programs, systematic procedures, and friendly environment, which is essential to have a quick recovery. They are renowned by the name Alcohol Addiction Rehab San Diego.

Type Of Alcoholics

  • Young Antisocial – They comprise 21% of the total alcoholics, of which 70% are male. People in this group are sort of criminal-minded. 26 is the average age of people in this category
  • Young Adult – This type of alcohol is most common, almost 32% of the alcoholics comprise this group. Mostly they are college students. Males are more of this type than females. Almost 1500 people of this category die each year in states. They primarily drink in surplus quantity but less often. Almost 20% of these people have a family history of alcoholism. A very minor quantity of people in this category has mental issues.
  • Intermediate family – This group mostly comprises those people who have a family history of alcoholics. Heavy drinking is very casual for them, so they easily tend to become alcohol dependent. They comprise 19% Off the total alcoholics. 32 is the average age of the people in this category, and 65% are males. 45% of the people in this category have someone in their family who is alcohol dependent. 27% opt for a treatment to secure their life. 15-20% of the people with prolonged use lead to depression and anxiety issues.
  • Functional Alcoholics – In most cases, functional alcoholics are not such an issue. Their personal and professional life is well balanced. They are far more serious in their life, rather than just being an alcoholic. Around 20% of the people of alcoholics comprise this category. Around 30% of the people in this category have a family member who is already an alcohol dependent. 17% of the people try to seek treatment, to fructify their life.
  • Chronic Alcoholics – Only 9% of the people comprise this category. The people in this group are the most violent drinkers. Alcoholics of this category are deep-rooted alcohol dependent, they totally rely on alcohol to live their life. There is almost nil chance to quit drinking all my your own. Without expert guidance, they are unable to get out of it. 38 is the average age of the people in this category. They are the ones who are most prone to anxiety and mental disorders. They are basically uneducated and also financially unstable.

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There is an ample number of people who are alcoholic but does not seek treatment due to various reasons like, financial, social, and maybe due to insufficient awareness. It is necessary to annihilate this grave issue to live a life with respect and enjoyment.


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