All That You Wanted To Know About Ceramic Coating

While buying a new car most of us get our car coated with a protective coating. A new coating that is becoming popular these days is known as ceramic coating. Many people say that ceramic coating will be a much better option as compared to waxing or polishing.  Does the ceramic coating protect the car’s paint?

When a ceramic coating will be applied to your car’s body, then the polymer will form a certain chemical bonding with your original car paint that was done by the manufacturer.

Once such coating is applied, it can be removed only by abrasion, but not with the help of any chemicals. If a ceramic coating is done properly then it can even last for the whole lifetime of your car.

In this article, we will talk about ceramic coatings Brisbane and their various pros and cons. You can also contact Industry Detail if you are interested to get your car ceramic coated.



What is the ceramic coating?

This is known as a certain chemical polymer solution, which is generally applied to the car’s exterior to protect its painting from external damage. Usually, the ceramic coating will be applied by hand, then it gets blended with the car’s paint and creates another hydrophobic protection layer.

Just because of this chemical bonding with your car’s original paint a new layer will be created and your car paint job will remain untouched.

Many car owners believe it is another alternative to paint protection film, however, in reality, it is just another alternative to waxing. People just want to prevent their car from dirt, grime, and various other stain marks that can appear on the company’s original paint job and ruin the clear coat.

Often this coating is also called nano-ceramic coating, which is a certain permanent solution to all your worries based upon the coating or polymer type used. Due to its chemically intrinsic properties, this coating will not break down under normal atmospheric conditions such as rain or summer.

Pros of ceramic coating

  • Protects against harmful UV rays

Can protect the car’s paint from getting oxidized, faded, or look dull.

  • Protects from chemical stains

The coating prevents chemical stains from acidic contaminants due to polluted air.

  • Ease of cleaning

As compared to waxing, cleaning with the ceramic coating will be easier.

  • Candy-like gloss

Ceramic coating will offer a very glossy look to your car.

‍Cons of ceramic coating

  • Cannot protect against scratches

Despite all other protection it fails to protect against scratches.

  • Poor protection against water spotting

Water may contain natural minerals or soluble particles, which will still remain after the water gets evaporated.

  • Does not stop car washing

You cannot get away from regular car washing even after ceramic coating.

  • High price

Ceramic coating is much expensive than waxing or polishing.

  • Takes more time

The application time for ceramic coating usually is a bit longer.

Having said all the above, it is still worth going for ceramic coating as it can offer lifetime protection of the car exterior.


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