Altar Servers Clothing – What You Need to Know About Them?

The vestments which an altar server wears generally differ according to the church’s denomination. They include a surplice, a stole, and a cassock. These vestments are commonly embellished with the materials like embroideries, ribbons, and lace.

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Altar servers might wear vestments of different types for different occasions –

For solemn occasions such as weddings or funerals, they prefer to wear cassocks. Others prefer to wear surplices at the liturgical music i.e., at ordinary ceremonies. Not all white albs can be robes. Albs come in a variety of forms, each with a unique significance.

Additionally, altar servers are only permitted to sing and not pray as they lack the necessary qualification. The vestments that altar servers wear are the coverings and garments, which are worn by the altar servers.

Altar servers are those who serve during the altar at liturgical celebrations. Liturgical vestments are of two types. Church services in the early centuries were less structured than those that were available now. The religious vestments (traditional ones) worn by clergy are known as liturgical attire. It is the liturgical calendar and the garment fabric, which is used for identifying them.

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Vestments for altar servers can be purchased online now. When it comes to online shopping, the best part is, you can find so many options. Moreover, you don’t have to step out of your home, as they will deliver them to your address. In fact, you can find them in different sizes and fabrics.

Before choosing the altar server’s clothing, there are some points to consider –

  • Before you buy them from any store look at the customer reviews. The better the customer reviews, the better-quality clothing you can expect.
  • Another important thing that you must take care of is the return policy. Go through the return policy before placing your order in any store.
  • Last but not least compare the prices of different stores online and place your order to save money.
  • Choose a store that accepts all payment options. They must provide a secure payment option to the customers.

Servers carry processional candles and crosses. They will present wine, bread, and water to the priests when the gift preparation is being done. They might also assist them when they receive gifts from people. Servers also help the priests when washing their hands. They will assist the deacon and priest wherever required. Before Mass, the altar servers will set up the holy objects and altar, in the sacristan absence.

The surplice is made to resemble a small alb, with the alb serving as a representation of a white baptismal garment. It can be worn by any of the clergy members, altar servers, as well as lectors. Priests and Deacons may wear the surplice below a stole during liturgical celebrations.


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