Can You Integrate Animation Video Also Into Your SEO Marketing Strategy?

Each year, the use of video and animation in marketing grows in popularity. It contributes to the expansion of businesses, as various studies have demonstrated. For this reason, many businesses now consider it to be a crucial component of their marketing plans.


Up to 86% of marketers claimed that video or animation may successfully create leads. However, have you ever considered fusing the SEO marketing approach with a video animation strategy?

Victor Yang Photography has an excellent animation studio in Singapore and can help you to create an impressive video animation about your products or services. You may learn how to achieve your SEO target by following the recommendations in this article.

  1. Make your logo more interactive

By making your logo animated, you may strengthen your brand identity. Take a cue from Google on how they were able to accomplish it before everyone else.

  1. Publish animated advertisements on social media

As against static images and text, the visual components that are used in animations can prove to be more convincing and simple to remember.

  1. Create a business explainer

Your customers will be more interested in and remember the content better with an animated explainer film. Additionally, it can assist in clearing difficult issues, especially if your expertise is not very well-known.

  1. Incorporate animated videos on your website

Videos on landing pages have been shown to improve conversion rates. It must be one that stirs viewers’ emotions. Consumers’ emotions can be perfectly evoked by animation, especially if it is well-made.

  1. Perform keyword research


An SEO strategy needs keyword research. The same applies to the use of video SEO tactics. Researching internet user trends, histories, and other analytical data is all part of the process.

  1. Optimize your video presentation for technical SEO

You will probably need a software developer’s assistance to finish these tasks because they can verify the configuration and structure of the technical backend of your website and then make any necessary improvements.

  1. Provide useful content

It would be a good idea to add extra content to your website that complements or summarises the most crucial details from the video animation to increase the visibility of your video animation in search results.

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  1. Add metadata and descriptions

Ensure to include keywords relating to your video in the title and description you offer, as well as a summary of what is in the video animation.

  1. Upload an eye-catching thumbnail

Add a captivating thumbnail, which is an image that appears before your animation starts playing. Make sure it follows the branding guidelines in your brand manual, features your company emblem, and invites users to view the animation.

  1. Incorporate animation across different channels

You must consider where an animated video will be posted before creating it.

It must have a personal appeal if you are sharing it on Facebook. Attempt to make it more instructive if it will be uploaded to YouTube. Try to add humor if you are posting it on Twitter to get people’s attention.


As you can see, your company would benefit from establishing a video SEO marketing approach. Your marketing efforts will profit greatly from the addition of explainer video Singapore, which will raise user engagement, improve conversion rates, boost income, and even draw in new staff members.


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