Are You Aware of How To Protect From Radiation Exposure?

Radiation is a phenomenon that occurs due to external exposure. The radiation source can either be an equipment producing radiation, like for e.g. X-ray machine, or maybe certain radioactive materials present in a vessel.

The amount of radiation exposure we receive will be related to the following:

  • The distance from the actual source from where the radiation energy is being emitted
  • The radioactive material amount that is present
  • The setting of the radiation generating machine
  • The actual time of exposure.

Most workers who work in such environment where there is constant exposture to radiation, generally control and limit the exposure that can penetrate the body by taking benefit of distance, time, and also by shielding themselves using lead glass. You can buy this kind of lead glass from Lead Glass Pro

There are several types of radiation emitted having different energy levels behind them. All these are due to certain unstable atoms. If the radiation energy is much greater, then you will need greater radiation protection to shield yourself against it.

If you have not protected yourself with sufficient radiation shielding then such radiation can always cause burns on your skin and if the radiation level is too high then it can put people at greater risk to get radiation sicknesses.



Alpha radiation

Alpha radiation also called α radiation comprises of weak particles that cannot travel more than just a few centimeters, and hence it does not need very strong shielding. Most of the time, to provide a shield against such types of radiation, our outermost skin layer will be good enough.


Beta radiation

Beta radiation where β particles that may travel a little further due to their smaller mass and hence needs more protection. You may use any of the following to protect yourself:

  • Heavy clothing
  • Any wood, or aluminum
  • Thick plastic piece

Certain β radiation particles can also penetrate and burn our skin.


X-ray radiation

X-ray radiation is considered to be much stronger and also x-ray may have a much longer wavelength than all other radiation types and needs thick, dense x-ray shielding by using a lead.

If you are exposed to x-ray radiation for a much longer duration then it can also cause your DNA mutations too, which is also categorized as a carcinogen.


Gamma rays

Gamma radiation or γ radiation generally consists of photon energy that can travel a bit far distance. To protect against γ radiation, you need to use a dense material like lead to offer effective radiation shielding. Such γ rays can be biologically hazardous and cause bone, tissue, and organ damage for not taking proper protection, particularly for longer exposure.

Lead x-ray glass also has got many uses in the medical field for protecting against x-rays and gamma rays. Lead glass can offer full radiation protection and also being transparent it provides high visibility too.

For radiation shielding, leaded glass can be used for many applications by following industries:

  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Laboratory
  • Nuclear

Depending upon the exposure level the size/thickness of your lead glass has to be chosen.


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