List of Questions to Ask Your Automobile Shipping Company Before Finalizing Them

Questions to Ask Your Automobile Shipping Company

Relocating to a different location involves packing all your belongings and safely transporting it to your new location. There are several ways to ship your belongings. When it comes to transporting your personal vehicles interstate or to a different country, driving is not the best solution. Not all cars are resilient to handle the wear-and-tear from long-distance travel.

Automobile Shipping Services:

Most people opt for auto transport services to transport their vehicle due to the convenience, safety reasons and saves time and energy. To ensure the safety of your vehicle chooses a reputed auto transport company with good reviews to transport your vehicle. If you looking for a reliable national car shipping service contact Ship a Car, Inc.

They are the leading auto transport brokers in the US offering first-rate transport services. They offer many shipping options and also ship antique cars which need extra care when shipping. To get started request for an estimate after providing details like:

  • Pick up location
  • Destination
  • Details of your car – model, the estimated value
  • Type of carrier – open/ closed container

The company gets back to you with a formal quote in a few hours. You can enter into a contract with them if you are happy with the quote. Ask the following questions before signing the deal with them and clarify your doubts.

national car shipping service contact Ship a Car, Inc

Questions to ask your auto transport company:

Are you registered?

Companies that offer interstate and international shipping services should hold the required license and must be registered with the appropriate government agencies. Confirm the company’s registration status

What are the services offered?

There are companies that have restrictions on the size of the vehicle to be transported or heavily modified vehicles, ships only operable vehicles, offers only open-air trailer shipping (which isn’t too safe when you shipping long distances), etc. Enquire about all the services they offer and make sure it suits your needs.

How much do you charge?

Cost isn’t the primary concern but you don’t have to pay more than necessary. Most companies offer free estimates. Compare the prices, ensure if it is the final amount and there won’t be any additional amount charges at the end.

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What are your payment options?

You can expect them to ask for full payment upfront or take a percentage of the total bill as a deposit and collect the remaining amount after you receive your vehicle. Ask beforehand if they accept cash.

What are the documents I am required to submit?

Automobile transport companies require proof that you have the legal right to transport the vehicle between states for which they are likely to collect your photo ID, car registration, and insurance documents.

What happens if my vehicle is damaged during transit?

Accidents do happen from time to time regardless of the precautions undertaken by the shipping company. A good shipping company wouldn’t plainly blame it all on the customer. A good shipping company will check the damages to make sure if it occurred during the transit and work towards resolving the issue.

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It is highly recommended to scrutinize the automobile transport company before opting for them. Choose a trustworthy service to transport your vehicle in a stress-free way.


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