8 Things You Must Know Before Planning to Visiting Texas

Are you traveling to Texas real-soon? The city is getting popular nowadays and I bet you’ve heard various things that make you curious and unsure about how you will begin exploring the area when you arrive. That’s normal especially if you’re traveling to the place for the first time. Fly with Southwest Airlines and rest assured that you will reach Texas without any hassle since you’ll only experience impeccable services whether on the ground or in the air, and your safety is their utmost priority.

Visiting Texas

As you start traveling, you can use one of the most popular flight tracking applications that will help you to track planes in real-time as seen on their live map and even get up-to-date flight status and airport information. Your loved ones can also do the same so they will not worry that much.

We’re here to help you in making the most of whatever experience you want to stumble into. Here are some things that you should be aware of before visiting Texas. Let’s start!

The weather is hot

Out of 365 days, would you believe that Texas gets an average of 300 days of sunshine? That’s a fact! The temperature here during summertime is infernal and long. It starts around March and up until November, it still doesn’t cool down. If we calculate it, that’s nine months of summertime. The reason why you’ll see people are wearing just casual attire. And for you to be able to see a thing around without having to squint from time to time, bring sunglasses with you. Rest assured that you will enjoy riding a bike or just roaming around the town. And if your thing is hunting, then Texas offers you amazing opportunities to hunt white-tailed deer, desert sheep, or hug in the full glow of the sun’s light.

Visiting Texas

So get your personal gear – hopefully thin clothing, your AR-10 rifles, and accessories, and get ready for the adventure.

Be ready to see a lot of skin

As being explained in the previous paragraph, Texas’ weather is really hot. It is normal to see people wearing shorts, tank tops, or crop tops and even topless ones. At first, some of you will be shocked but there’s no need to worry about it that much. They are not doing such things to impress anybody. For them, that’s the most ideal way to make it through the summer without melting. Even if it’s February, some days still creep up to 90 degrees. If you’ll visiting the state in April – November, you would want to get some pool time in and soak up some sunshine. Don’t forget to bring a swimsuit and head over at Barton Springs.

Plan your day ahead


Some of the reasons that people wanted to live life outside Texas include the traffic and scorching summer afternoons. You will notice that residents will commence with their unofficial siesta and disappear out of the mid-day sun. It is suggested to act as locals do. Avoid being irritated during the afternoon. It would be better to be prepared and start the day early. You would appreciate and enjoy walking around the city more when the weather is bearable and there are still few people around. You’ll be at peace and enjoy the city.

Be at your desired place 15 -30 minutes earlier

We’re giving you a heads up, traffic in Texas is notorious even if it is being compared to the scenario in Los Angeles. What’s bothersome is even Google maps doesn’t know how to deal with it and often readjusting during your drive. Even Waze rarely provides the traveler with an accurate arrival time. If you’re meeting someone or have booked an appointment, leave early just to be on the safe side. Even if you arrived early, chances are you still need time to look for the available parking slot.

Texas Visiting Texas

Avoid flying in if there’s a festival

Texas has a small airport. Regardless of its recent expansion, there’s still enough room to accommodate festival-goers through the aisles and even into the city. Having said so, expect yourself that you will be trapped in an airplane and over-crowded place that in result will let you reach the city at a snail’s pace. Also, it would be expensive since the tickets will cost twice as being compared to any other day of the year.

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Just drink a single Purple Rita

Purple Rita looks good when it arrives in its frosted goblet but mind you, it’s dangerous and it is regulated. This drink is filled with tequila, blue Curacao, and Ever clear. If you’re walking out of Baby A’s having two goblets is not advisable.

Planning to Visiting Texas

Bring your squad to Trudy’s challenge

Are you up for some challenges like Trudy’s Challenge? Well, you need to be very responsible so we can test your liver out. To give you some background, Trudy’s is known for its super-potent Mexican martinis. You are only allowed to acquire two. But there’s an excuse since there are four Trudy’s in Texas. Meaning to say, you can have at least eight of them in one evening. If you’re visiting Texas for a short vacation, you may try this out on Mondays when the Mexican martinis have a special discount that will cost you $5 each.

Be sure to drop by the Cathedral of Junk

This junk mecca started in 1998 that is initiated by its owner, Vince Hahnemann. This is located in the backyard of an unassuming South Austin house. It has steadily been expanding over the past years and nowadays it has been marked by vaulted ceilings and airy passageways.

Planning Texas As you make your way to Throne Room through the 60 tons of junk, you will surely admire the strange beauty it creates as a result of the curated assortment of bicycle parts, beer signage’s, knick-knacks, and even discarded cables.


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