Boat seminar in Barcelona – organizational features

Modern ships are well equipped with technically equipped conference rooms where you can hold a seminar. During the discussion of important business issues, guests on board will enjoy the delightful weather and beautiful landscapes.

Boat seminar

Everything necessary is available on board to ensure that the official business event is held at a high level. This service provided by shipping companies will not be excessively expensive. More information about boat rental in Barcelona can be found at

The conference or seminar on a boat can be of different scales. The duration of such an event is also different and can range from two to several hours. If the trip is long, it is necessary to additionally take care of organizing a banquet or a reception.

Shipping companies are ready to provide all the necessary equipment for holding seminars – presentation equipment, music equipment, a screen, and much more. You can rent a boat for a seminar with your preferred level of comfort and size.

How to rent a boat?

To rent a boat for a seminar, you will need to perform several simple actions:

  • Choose the optimal ship that suits the number of guests, available equipment, and budget.
  • Contact company specialists and leave an application.
  • Make an advance payment for booking the ship.
  • Sign a lease agreement after studying its conditions.

By renting a boat for seminars in Barcelona, you can take advantage of a variety of additional services – a selection of entertainment programs, a banquet or reception, photo or video shooting, and a host.

An event organized by professionals will leave only a positive impression. The company “Barcelona Boat Rental” provides its services at a high level of quality and carefully approaches each client.

You can confidently combine the official part of the tour with lunch or a reception, an entertainment program.

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Which boat to choose?

Boat seminar

The choice of boats is great. The “Eco Sail” boat is perfect for holding a seminar. This catamaran is the most spacious in Barcelona. The salon is made in a modern style and has a stage and a bar.

The conference room is well-equipped technically. You can rent the ship for 2500 euros per hour. For a seminar, you can rent the sailboat “Southern Cross.” This type of water transport can be rented for 900 euros per hour.

The ship has all the necessary equipment for organizing a serious event. The lighting of the room corresponds to natural light. The conference room is equipped with a retractable podium that can be used for presentations.

The gulet “Karya” can also be a great option for a seminar. This ship has a capacity of up to 150 people and can be rented for 1500 euros per hour. It has a large conference room with modern equipment and a bar.


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