Buying or Renting Wedding Dresses – Pros and Cons

A wedding always requires a lot of attention, effort, and money. In order to save money, brides sometimes rent a wedding dress. Is it good or bad? What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a wedding dress and renting them? Let’s clear it up.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Dress

A new dress can be chosen from the catalogs of different manufacturers, even if it is not available now in a particular bridal salon. And, as a rule, the choice of dresses for sale is always wider than rental offers in salons. While purchasing, a bride is given the opportunity to nip a dress, customize it for the height and features of the figure. The wedding dress that was purchased, not rented, remains a pleasant memory for the girl. It is associated with pleasant wedding emotions. And if the bride does not have a place in the wardrobe for the dress, she can resell the outfit and receive good money.

Wedding Dresses – Pros and Cons

Moreover, in about twenty years, a beautiful dress will be considered vintage and will be sold with even greater success. In general, the bride will not have to worry about dress’s defects or stains on it on her wedding day. Indeed, she will be wearing her own dress. She can do whatever she wants.

There are also disadvantages to buying a wedding dress. One of the most important is the cost. Designer wedding dresses are quite an expensive pleasure currently. It also happens that the appropriate size of the dress can be not available. You need to make an order, and suppliers do not always fulfill the order on time. Therefore, the bride risks to remain without the most important dress in her life for her wedding.

Wedding Dresses – Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Renting a Dress

Renting a dress costs much less money. A rented gown doesn’t mean the dress from past wedding collections. Shop owners buy designer wedding dresses in bulk for both selling and renting them. If a dress is too expensive for buying, a woman can rent it for an affordable price. It is profitable for sellers to offer good, fashionable dresses.

The disadvantages of renting a wedding dress are obvious. It is rather difficult to find a dress, which will suit you. Besides, you can not correct the dress in accordance with the peculiarities of your figure. You will have to choose from standard sizes. Before you agree to the rental conditions, you need to check the dress carefully for investigating whether it has any defects. It is necessary to know the information on penalties for damages in advance.

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Wedding Dresses – Pros and Cons

All designer wedding dresses are expensive and fines for them are appropriate. As you can see, everywhere there are pros and cons. The choice is yours. Consider this issue carefully and you will be definitely satisfied with the result.


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