Checklist For A Successful Eloping Wedding

Eloping Wedding

Marriage is one of the most memorable moments of one’s life. It is a point when your complete life will flip and will change drastically. There are different preferences of people when it comes to weddings. Some people prefer celebrating a rococo wedding while others intend to skip the ostentatious glitz and glamour of a big wedding.

Those people, who fit in the latter category, are the ones for whom eloping weddings are made. In this type of marriage, the parents and family of either of the couple are kept oblivious about the wedding. Such marriages only have the ceremonies conducted and they skip the reception or celebration of any kind.

The best way to keep memories of your wedding intact and ever-lasting is by wedding photographs. Pictures have magical powers. They allow you to travel back in time and relive those beautiful moments of your life when everything seemed to be perfect. The wedding pictures are one of the most precious memories.

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The Biggest Dos and Don’ts of Eloping 

Eloping Wedding

Here is a list of the caveats before you decide on eloping:

1- Check the law- many questions are natural to come into the minds of an eloping couple. Is there a need for a license? What about the city hall appointments, how many witnesses will be required, what all are the necessary credentials? Etc. after you have acquired answers to all these questions, you can relax a bit.

2- Find vendors – to save money, you must book your travel as earlier as possible. This will also decrease the chances of you not getting tickets for your intended dates. If you want to travel to a faraway locale for eloping, planning and executing in advance is the key.

While deciding on the place, you must finalize a place that is significant to both of you.

3– Plan the ceremony – a foolproof plan never goes out of style. Making prior decisions on the apparel, the rings, the exchange of vows, bouquets, etc. elopement marriages are great opportunities to skip the conventional norm and make your whole wedding customized according to you. You can even skip the classic white dress if you want.

4- Post elopement party- a marriage is a union of two souls and this special day of your life calls for a celebration. No matter the size of the guests invited, it can either be just two of you or it can be a full-fledged party with families and friends, some sort of celebration is mandatory. The dates of the party too can be flexible.

You can either throw the party immediately after the exchange of vows or you can celebrate after some time.


Wedding is a once in a lifetime event. Make sure that you make it memorable for the rest of your life with the best photographer.


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