5 Place in Your Home to Clean Thoroughly for a Move Out Cleaning

5 Place in Your Home

Moving out of a house can be a really complicated and challenging process. Did you pack everything? Do you know where everything is? On top of that, you need to clean your old home so that you can get your security deposit back.

If you don’t have the energy or the time to deal with the move-out cleaning, there is a simple solution – just hire a cleaning company. Alternatively, if you’re determined to handle this situation on your own, here are some areas that cleaning pros at My Maid Service Cincinnati recommend that you don’t forget to clean.


Your windows are one of the first places that potential homebuyers or landlords will look. Now, you probably already do a good job at keeping your windows cleaned. However, when you have to clean them to impress someone and reassure them that everything is great, you need to go a bit extra.

Make sure they’re sparkling clean by washing them inside and out. You can either use the store-bought cleaning solution, or if you have the time and don’t want to waste money, simple dish soap, some warm water, and rubbing alcohol should suffice. Oh, and don’t forget to clean your window sills and ledges too!

Thoroughly for a Move Out Cleaning


Nobody likes walking on dirty floors – it’s just unpleasant. Not to mention, if your landlord or agent sees filthy carpets or floorboards, they’re going to think that you didn’t take good care of the property. So, give your floors a good vacuum and mop.

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If you have hardwood floors, make sure to use the right cleaning solution, so you don’t damage them. There are specialized polishing products you can also use for that extra shine and extra impression.


While you’re handling the floors, there’s one more thing that many of us just neglect to clean – and that’s baseboards. They’re somewhere between floor and wall coverings, but they typically get less love than they deserve.

However, if they are dirty, it will be noticeable. So, don’t forget to wipe down your baseboards. They can get pretty dirty over time, but cleaning them should be fairly simple, and can be done at the same time as floor cleaning.

Air vents

Home Cleaning

You probably don’t even think about air vents when you’re doing your weekly cleaning routine. However, these need some attention too – especially before a move-out cleaning. Dust accumulates here very quickly and it can cause breathing problems for people with allergies.

Fortunately, they are fairly simple to clean – all you need to do is give your air vents a good dusting, or scrub with a sponge with some warm water and dish soap if they are really grimy.

Clean Behind the Kitchen Appliances

Your oven, fridge, and other kitchen appliances are some of the places that tend to get really dirty and grimy over time. And chances are that you haven’t really cleaned behind them. Or at least not often.

However, your landlord will likely want that cleaned, meaning you really shouldn’t ignore the appliances and make sure to clean behind them before you move out. You’d be surprised how much dirt can accumulate there!

These are just some of the places in your home that you need to give a good cleaning before you move out. Of course, there are other areas too – like bathrooms, kitchens and so on. However, if you focus on these 5 places, you should be able to impress whoever is inspecting your old home. Good luck!


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