Cleaning of Air Ducts – What to Understand About the Topic

Cleaning of Air Ducts

Home maintenance routine comes with handling many kinds of stuff. This factor includes an important part known as cleaning the air ducts in the list. Everything starting from the heating unit and the cool air circulating unit requires thorough cleaning every once in a while to keep the HVAC systems in the best condition.

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Why Air Ducts

Why Clean the Air Ducts?

Many reasons will make you understand the factor that you should keep the air ducts clean all the time. They are listed below.

  • When there is an accumulation of debris, dust, and other such unwanted particles in the air duct.
  • When there is an infestation of insects, rodents, or vermin in the air duct.
  • When there are some clogs due to the accumulation of debris or dust accumulation in the ducts.
  • When you notice some growth or molds in the air duct system of both the heating and cooling units.

Sometimes the chances of the development of respiratory illness in the residents of the house are quite high when the air duct system is damaged or requires thorough cleaning. The issue can become quite dangerous when there is a person in your home with a dust allergy issue.

Cleaning of Air Ducts

Cleaning the Air Ducts

Here are some best ways of keeping your air duct clean.

  • Cleaning during spring 

Spring is the time of the year that comes after the winter season and also comes with less pollen in the air. Since the flowers and trees have completed their cycle of blooming, there are fewer chances of pollen accumulation in the air, and hence the ideal time to clean the air ducts.

  • Removal of Pet Dandruff and Other Such Shedding 

Pets go through a lifecycle where they shed their thick coats during the winter months. This shedding can cause a severe allergic reaction in people with a weak immune system. By keeping the air duct clean, clean air will be circulated inside the house, which in turn brings fresh air into the indoor environment.

  • Increase in the Energy Savings 

Blocked air ducts require more energy from the heating or cooling system to achieve their target of circulating the required temperature inside the house. When this happens, it puts pressure on the energy-consuming line, and this in turn will increase the monthly bills. A clean air duct can avoid all such issues.

If you have a regular cigar smoker in your home, pets in the house, and people with some allergy issues, then it is time to make sure that you set up a regular air duct cleaning job in your monthly schedule. The requirement for air duct cleaning becomes more during the summer months as there will be more circulation of dust and dirt particles during this season. Understand the need and plan accordingly.


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