Cleaning the Bathroom: How to Motivate Yourself and Where to Start

It’s time to clean your bathroom once again. Bathroom cleaning is perhaps the least favorite aspect of housekeeping for most people. It must be done, and there is no way around it. There is, however, a method to make things easier and faster.

Cleaning Bathroom

This is the reason we talked to cleaners at Maid In Oahu. We discuss how their cleaners approach bathroom cleaning, as well as some pointers. If you want to clean your bathroom quickly and effectively, follow these tips.

Plan Ahead and Get All the Supplies You Need

You’re not new to cleaning your bathroom, so you’re probably aware of what you’ll require; some cleaning supplies, gloves, mops, and things like that. If you’re being really cautious, you can wear a mask and/or goggles. However, most people won’t and you can do just fine without these.

It’s important to plan ahead and account for all the things you’ll need before you start, so that you can work uninterrupted.

If you don’t have any cleaning solutions on hand, and if you’re unable to get to a store quickly, you may be forced to quit your bathroom cleaning for the day in order to run errands. That entails taking a shower, putting on fresh clothing, and traveling to the shop and back.

If all goes well, that’s a half hour break.. Are you mentally strong enough to go back to cleaning? By preparing everything beforehand, you’ll save time having to clean the bathroom later.

Prep for the Task at Hand Mentally

Nobody likes cleaning the bathroom, so when it’s time to do it, you need to properly motivate yourself beforehand.

Promise yourself ahead of time that you will complete the task within a specific timeframe, and follow along with the schedule you’ve made, try your best to stay on track. For instance, turn on some music or an audiobook to keep you occupied and pass the time more quickly.

Ensure the Proper Ventilation in Your Bathroom

The most effective cleaning products contain some really harsh chemicals that are not exactly good for your skin or your lungs (which is why some people prefer to wear a mask while cleaning).

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This implies that your bathroom will quickly become full of fumes, and if you don’t ventilate it correctly, you’ll feel sick after spending too much time in there.

Begin with the Bathroom Walls

Professional house cleaners will always advise you to begin at the top and work your way down if you are unsure where to begin. In this way, you can avoid doing the same job twice and spend less time cleaning..

First things first: the bathroom walls and other large surfaces need to be addressed. This includes your bath or shower, too. Cleaning professionals also recommend using a squeegee to clean big, flat surfaces, such as your walls, the mirror, and your shower..

Search for Signs of Mold

Bathrooms are typically somewhat damper than the rest of your house, with the exception of your basement, which is just a result of how the space is used.

However, mold loves dark and damp places – especially black mold.. This problem can present on the underside of your toilet, the back side of your sink, and other similar locations, and if not cleaned on a regular basis may become a welcome home for this undesirable problem.

Thanks to bathroom’s many flat and sleek surfaces, it is much easier to eradicate mold growth than in other places.

Give these bathroom cleaning methods a try to see whether they help you clean your bathroom more quickly and comfortably, or if they’re right for you.



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