Do You Know The Basic Difference Between Commercial And Janitorial Cleaning Services?

As a businessman, you will surely know that you must keep your offices, workspace, or warehouse perfectly organized and clean. The condition of your office or workspace will be making a big impact on the mind of your customer who will immediately size you up based on their condition.

Most businesses generally prefer to hire the best janitorial services available in their areas like ‘Already Janitorial Services’ who are available in places like Chatsworth, Los Angeles, and the San Fernando Valley, and a few other places.

By keeping your workplace clean and organized, your employees too will remain happy and will not fall sick too often. Although a few business companies even hire in-house cleaning professionals too. These professionals are supposed to provide commercial cleaning or janitorial services to the organization.

Both the term “janitorial services” as well as “commercial cleaning services” are used for these activities however, both these terms are actually meant for describing different kinds of cleaning services.

Therefore, while hiring such services for your commercial establishment, you need to understand the differences between these two terms.

Janitorial services

Janitorial Cleaning Services

Any janitorial company will be responsible for taking care of your everyday cleaning duties. They will keep your office and workspace clean and organized daily. Most companies hire them based on their needs, which may be daily, weekly, or even bi-weekly basis.

Their regular cleaning duties will include:

  • Cleaning of the restroom.
  • Cleaning of kitchens or breakrooms of the employees
  • Sweeping/mopping of floors.
  • Vacuum cleaning of the carpet.
  • Emptying trash
  • Dusting.
  • Wiping down the entire office chairs and desks

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Commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning

This kind of service generally covers bigger cleaning jobs, which are not taken up on daily basis.  Most companies prefer to hire any professional service provider for commercial cleaning services who are meant for once-a-while either yearly or half-yearly basis depending upon the need.

This kind of cleaning services will take up the following jobs:

  • Professional carpet cleaning.
  • Cleaning of the tile and grout.
  • Cleaning of the hard surface floor.
  • Cleaning of the furniture and upholstery.
  • Power washing
  • Window washing.

Few tips to hire janitorial service

Commercial cleaning Janitorial Cleaning Services

1.      Understand their specialties

It will be very important to hire a service provider who is well experienced in the type of services that your need. For example, you should never hire a company for kitchen cleaning if they are not aware of food safety standards.

2.      Read customer reviews

Take a little time to read the customer reviews about the service provider to have a clear understanding of their quality of service.

3.      Ask about insurance

You must make sure that the service provider that you are going to hire is fully insured so that your company may not unnecessarily fall on any legal or certain insurance-related issues. You must verify by checking the policy document.

4.      Review their online footprint

By looking at their presence on the internet, you will come to know what kind of projects were they involved in in the past.

You can also discuss with the service provider whether they can also offer a commercial cleaning service.


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