The Most Common Factors that Lead To Divorce

The divorce rate in the US is relatively high. While it may seem straightforward, from a legal standpoint, it is anything but. Divorce has become quite common, so we need to realize there are times when no one is to blame.

Sometimes it’s the healthiest and most reasonable solution when spouses can’t continue their lives together. If that time ever comes, it’s critical to have proper legal support, like JWB Family Law.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Divorce?


Let’s take a look at the behaviors and problems that may lead to a divorce in some marriages:


Infidelity is one of the most common reasons for divorce. Cheating can have a devastating impact on a marriage, leading to feelings of betrayal, anger, and mistrust.

When one spouse cheats, the other may feel like they can never trust them again, making it difficult to continue the relationship.

While infidelity can be a difficult issue to work through, some couples choose to seek counseling or therapy to try to repair their relationship.

Communication Issues

Poor communication is another significant cause of divorce. When couples are unable to communicate effectively, misunderstandings and conflicts can arise.

Over time, this can lead to resentment, anger, and a breakdown in the relationship. It’s important for couples to learn how to communicate effectively, express their needs and feelings, and work together to resolve conflicts.

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Financial Problems

Financial problems are another common cause of divorce. When one spouse has different spending habits or financial goals than the other, it can cause significant stress and conflict in the marriage.

In some cases, financial problems can lead to insurmountable debt, making it difficult for couples to maintain their lifestyle or meet their obligations.


Substance Abuse

Substance abuse, including drug and alcohol addiction, can be a cause of divorce. Addiction can cause significant strain on a marriage, leading to financial problems, communication issues, and other problems.

When one spouse is addicted, the other may feel helpless and unable to cope with the addiction, leading to the breakdown of the marriage.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious issue that can lead to divorce. When one spouse is physically or emotionally abusive, the other may feel unsafe and unable to continue the relationship.

Domestic violence can have long-lasting effects on individuals and families, making it critical to seek help and support as soon as possible.

Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic expectations can also be a cause of divorce. When one or both partners have unrealistic expectations about marriage or their spouse, it can lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction. This can lead to a breakdown in the relationship, making it difficult to continue the marriage.

Growing Apart

Finally, growing apart is another common cause of divorce. Over time, couples may find that they have different interests, values, or goals, leading to a sense of disconnect and dissatisfaction.

When couples are no longer able to connect emotionally, physically, or intellectually, it can lead to a breakdown in the marriage.

What to Expect?


When making decisions about child custody, alimony, and property division, it’s essential to keep emotions under control as much as possible.

Getting an agreement that both parties can agree on requires compromise. Divorce may be the most suitable option if you are unhappy in your relationship.

Divorce attorneys typically recommend taking a closer look at your relationship and life before deciding to divorce. When this isn’t possible, looking for a reasonable attorney is a good starting point.


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