Tips To Choose CRM software for Managing a Salon & Spa

So much is happening at salons & spas nowadays apart from the general beauty regimens. And it eventually goes on increasing the demands of users. Various salon owners are even utilizing the best tools and techniques to meet up their value client’s demands!

But the one who doesn’t can use automated software tools such as CRM software! CRM software has completely transformed the scenario of modern-day beauty hubs, and endeavor at giving an outstanding customer service experience to one and all!

The global salon & spa market is all set to accelerate at an unparalleled rate of 5.66% from 2017 to 2021, showed market search insights. It has made it more significant for leading salon owners to invest in the best tools to stand out among their competitors. That’s raised the importance of CRM software!

Well, the key to choosing the best CRM software for handling salon and spa services is to know what you are considering while you are looking for software.

In this article, we will explain a step by step guide on choosing the best CRM software. Hopefully, you enjoy reading!

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Let’s begin!

Features You Must Look into a CRM software

  • Easy online payment

First of all, analyze what type of payment method you want from CRM software! Ask yourself, do you need a CRM software that allows hassle-free online payments, or you’re fine just using a customary card scanner?

  • Calendar update

Another feature that you must take into account while choosing the best CRM software is thoroughly checking out the calendar update facilities. Ask yourself, do you want to display your salon’s operational working hours online or not? If yes, then also decide on do you want to show it to individual employees as well?

  • Online appointments & payments

Also, analyze, do you want your potential clients to make bookings online or not? Make sure, you too think about online payment thoroughly whether you want this system in your CRM software or not!

  • Inventory management

Another vital feature that you must consider while choosing CRM software is effective inventory management! Ask yourself will you be selling physical products such as shampoos, manicure/pedicure kits, scent, etc.? If so, also ask do I really need software that can track real time-inventory & results in efficient management?

  • Hassle-free Client communication

Do I want to connect with current/future patrons through email/newsletters? When you get the answer to it, you can meet the CRM software specifications.

  • Growing needs of your business

How big your salon & spa business currently is and how much growth you want in the future will also help you choose the best CRM software. Make sure you analyze the key requirements of your salon business first, then choose CRM software for it.

  • Integration with Social media marketing

How significant social media marketing can be to my spa or salon? When you understand this, you will probably lookout for this feature in your CRM software.

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Types of CRM software you can use to manage a salon & spa business

  • Marketing CRM software
  • Booking software
  • POS software
  • Email marketing software
  • Loyalty reward software


Best salon/spa CRM software you can use

1. Salonist

Salonist is one of the best CRM  software that helps salon & spa owners handle day-to-day business operations smartly. Important features proposed by Salonist cover online appointment scheduling, client data management, salon inventory, and staff management. The cloud-based software also helps users with notifications for membership renewals, anniversaries, birthdays, pending payments, etc. Pricing commences at $0.00/month for the basic plan and $129/month for the premium plan. Explore the outstanding features of Salonist’s appointment booking CRM based Software for all business sizes to make quick decisions, improve salon visibility, and boost profits.


Another one of the excellent CRM based software from MINDBODY provides a handy salon & spa POS system, online appointment, stylist shares, inventory tracking, and more. This salon and spa CRM software are specially designed to offer everything necessitated, anywhere it is required. MINDBODY’s aim is to leverage growing technological changes to promote the health and wellbeing of the world. Pricing starts at $119 per month for the starter plan and $519 per month for the ultra plus plan. Explore all the features to find out the best plan that works for you.

3.  Square Appointments

This all-in-one point of sale for online booking, payments, and more is also an outstanding salon & spa CRM software. The square appointments software helps salon and spa owners simplify scheduling, prioritize potential customers, maximize POS, manage retail & inventory, and employee management. With its high-end features, it doesn’t just help to make your salon & spa services directly bookable on a booking website, Facebook, and Instagram but also accepts all types of online payments. Using this ultimate software, you can also boost client relationships that go beyond business as usual.

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Vagaro is another one of the best CRM based powerful scheduling, management software for your salon & spa business. Important features proposed by vagary include rescheduling of online appointments, real-time customer tracking, notifications & reminders, easy POS, etc. Due to its highly customer-friendliness capabilities and security features, Figaro has been renowned as an outstanding choice by leading salon professionals. It’s not just perfect for the beauty and wellness industries but fitness institutions are also getting huge benefits from it.


Loaded with advanced features, the schedule also stood out on the top of the list of best CRM software for salon and spa businesses. Basically, it’s a cloud-based appointment scheduling & management software that allows easy appointment, inventory management, calendar management, and hassle-free POS functionalities within a suite. The software feeds the growing needs of beauty salons, spas, health clinics, gyms industry segments. It allows clients to book appointments online via mobile app or social media. In addition, it also sends them automated reminders about their appointments, contests, and offers.

No matter which CRM software you would like to use for your salon & spa business. It’s sure you are going to have a number of benefits. Let’s put a deep on them as well.

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Benefits of using a CRM system for your beauty salon

  • Better knowledge of clients – keep potential client records digital and save time on registering new information;
  • Better anticipation of customer’s need – Set up various programs for bringing new clients and increasing revenue;
  • No stress of managing appointments – Offer an online booking option;
  • No mess of integration – can easily be integrated with social media and other business-related software & websites;
  • Easy payroll – Manage staff work schedule and calculate pay;
  • Accessibility – Cloud-based smart CRM software allows access from any location with web-based technology.

Final Thoughts


If you are running a salon and spa business, then no doubt, managing different operations on time can be a hectic job. This is why we recommend choosing the best CRM software from the list mentioned above, considering the right things, and saying bye-bye to time-consuming & hectic tasks.

We sincerely hope by choosing the best CRM software, you will be able to boost productivity in the salon and spa business and take it to another level.

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