Top Choice of Decor Elements That Elevate Your Wedding Venue

wedding venue

Wedding is one of the important milestones of our lives. It requires a great deal of intricate planning with decorating the venue is an important aspect. It’s the decor that sets the festive vibe of the day. Depending on your preference you can create a lavish, elegant, or magical atmosphere and enthrall the guests. Need help deciding the theme?

Wedding themes:

Wedding themes

  • Traditional: The love for traditional wedding themes hasn’t faded despite the several unique themes that have cropped up. It’s the wedding most of our parents had – the ones conducted at hotels, ballrooms, or conference halls with floral arrangements and a traditional 3-course meal.
  • Rustic: ‘Rustic’ translates to ‘countryside’. Rustic weddings are about paying tribute to the outdoors – garden, farm, etc. It is held outdoors, at the barn or village halls, and incorporates nature-inspired elements like wildflowers, fruits, bark, hay, wooden pallets, etc.
  • Industrial: The venues include abandoned spaces like factories, old halls, revamped warehouses, and lofts. The decorations which involve a lot of metal and wire look strikingly appealing when paired with exposed bricks, cement floor, visible pipes, wooden beam, etc. The contemporary design is gritty and glamorous.
  • Festival: These are the exact opposite of traditional weddings with a modern, laidback vibe. Those who want to steer clear of the traditions and stereotypes go the festival wedding route by incorporating plenty of creativity. There is a dash of colors with bunting, festoon lighting, floral patterns, etc.
  • Destination: Destination weddings are ones held in any vacation spot more than 100 miles away from the couple’s location. It could be at a beach or an extravagant foreign destination. They usually involve only family members and close friends and the wedding is followed by a reception party near home for other acquaintances.

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Best wedding decoration ideas:

Best wedding decoration ideas

Flower wall: Flowers continue to dominate wedding decor due to their sheer beauty, a blast of colors, and fragrance. If you are interested in this picturesque decor, check out flower walls by Blossomania which are an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor weddings. They are the most sought-after wedding decorators in London offering the best wedding decor service.

Fairytale chandeliers: Chandeliers are synonymous with luxury. The sparkling crystals of the chandelier adorning the hall makes it look like a fairytale wedding.

Giant letters: Over-sized letters made of wooden or acrylic are versatile and go well with most wedding themes. You can install it at the entrance or even the dance floor for extra glamour.

wedding decoration ideas

Wooden stacked crates: A bunch of mismatched wooden crates stacked on top of each other creates the ideal rustic look.

Silver candelabra: Candelabras add more sophistication to tables. It serves as a visual focal point and amplifies the chic look of wedding decorations.

Blossom trees: Flowers can brighten any dull space. Tall blossom trees add a subtle, elegant touch to the room.

Chalkboards: Installing chalkboards is an easy way to display the food menu or seating arrangement. You can also get more creative by doing a DIY blackboard according to the theme.

decorating the venue

An experienced wedding decorator would help you pull together the wedding of your dreams. Discuss your requirement in detail and wow your guests.


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