Decorating Your Walls Exotically with Trendy Wallpapers

If you are keen on increasing the visual appeal of your home then putting up some interesting wallpaper is an excellent option.

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Wallpapers are a stunning option for painting that allows you to add colour, texture, and design and completely change any space in your home.

There are endless designs and patterns of wallpaper that range from traditional vintage designs and floral prints to the modern concept of peel-and-stick designs. Check out the trendy wallpapers that transform your home space exotically.

Going back to nature

A wall mural of a mystical forest landscape would go well with a modern interior that has grey and wooden furnishings.

The misty fog and the green colours of the trees will create a calming atmosphere in the room you choose to hang this wallpaper in.

You can also put up a blue wallpaper that represents the sky and sea for rejuvenating any space and instilling confidence with positivity.

A light blue coloured wallpaper coordinates well with warm-coloured furniture and ensures a relaxing environment.

Dark, medium or navy-blue luxury wallpaper gives a calming effect and looks beautiful, especially in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Floral and botanical prints

Choose the right floral design, whether vintage, contemporary, or painted for your interiors. Striking botanical prints with plants and foliage in bold green colour will surely work as a mood booster for your home.

Realistic textures

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Add some stunning and incredibly realistic marble textured wallpapers that help to create a striking feature without spending a fortune.

They look so real that you have to touch them to see the difference.

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Huge-sized art murals

Life-size art murals are popular in eclectic locations and fine art-inspired mural wallpaper is currently in style. These intricate works of art will give your walls a luxurious feel and brighten up a dull space.

The bathroom is the ideal place to start any interior decoration as it is the most used space in the home. Experiment with huge life-like, colourful, and vibrant removable murals to enjoy the space.

Mix and match with two or three tones

Choose an ombre-coloured wallpaper for a modern twist as it produces a colourful effect in any room. Cover half or two-thirds of the wall with ombre wallpaper starting over important pieces of furniture.

Tips before handling your wallpaper project

Whether you choose a classic vintage pattern or a modern contemporary design, certain tips would help to complete your wallpaper project successfully.

  • Consider the goals you want by putting up a wallpaper if it is to make the room feel big with light colours or make the walls feel taller with vertical designs.
  • Choose a bold accent mural to draw attention and display your preferences.
  • Give your living room a tropical feel, turn the bedroom into a beautiful natural setting, or decorate a nursery with a playful woodland pattern.
  • Start with small spaces like the kitchen backsplashes, bathroom, or closet to experiment with the latest trendy, vibrant and bold wallpaper designs.
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Whether you choose a timeless pattern or design a gorgeous accent wall to go with your décor, set yourself apart from the rest by adding striking removable murals and wallpaper to your home.


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