Do You Know the Cost of an Aircon Servicing in Singapore?

The overall climate of Singapore remains hot and humid all throughout the year. Therefore, it is necessary to give priority to regular servicing of your aircon. However, while going for aircon servicing, it is also necessary to consider how much you have to pay the technician for the required servicing. is a well-known aircon company in Singapore that can provide aircon servicing at a cheap aircon chemical wash price so that your unit will remain efficient and you can get better cool air and also reduce your energy bill.

Besides, above you can find many other companies also in Singapore, who are offering this service. However, the cost and quality of service can vary from company to company.

You must also be aware of the benefits of chemical cleaning of your aircon which are as follows:


1.     Keep your unit energy-efficient


If your aircon is not regularly cleaned then it can accumulate a lot of dust and dirt in the parts and your air conditioner has to work more to cool the room. As a result, your electricity bill may increase. Therefore, regular chemical cleaning of your aircon unit will keep your unit energy-efficient.

2.     Offers better air quality

If there is a presence of dust in the air of your room, then it can be a health hazard for your family. If your aircon is not regularly serviced then lots of dust gets accumulated inside the fans that get circulated in your room. With regular cleaning, you can get rid of all such dust and as a result, the quality of air will improve and not cause any health issues.

3.     Increases durability

Aircon Servicing in Singapore


During the cleaning, all the parts are not only washed but also are examined thoroughly. Therefore, if any parts are defective or weak will be repaired or replaced by the technician. As a result, the durability of your aircon will improve further.

4.     Avoid freezing parts

Due to the refrigerant mishaps, many components of your air conditioner may get freeze. During the chemical wash, all the pipes and coils are cleared and as a result, it will significantly reduce any chance of freezing sections.

5.     Removes bad odour

After a chemical cleaning, all the fluids that were present inside the aircon offering foul smell will be eliminated and there will not be any unpleasant smell present inside the room.

Costs of chemical cleaning

Usually, there are 2 types of chemical cleaning provided by the service provider. The price can vary between these 2 services. You can prefer to go for simple chemical washing where your aircon will be dismantled and washed thoroughly by using certain chemicals. The market rate for this kind of service is around $80 per unit.

However, if you want a complete overhaul of your aircon unit where in addition to chemical cleaning each part will be checked, and if needed it will either be repaired or replaced based on its condition. For this kind of service, the price per unit is around $145 per unit. The part replaced will cost an extra.

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