Do You Want To Understand How To Use Gun Holsters?

Remember all these holsters are mass-produced and may not be exactly compatible with the design of your gun. Actually, these holsters are the most complex accessory item that you will ever buy for your firearm.

If all holsters happen to be simply and a one-size-fits-all type of accessory, then perhaps a major portion of this industry of firearm accessories would not even exist. Just because a little variation involved has made choosing your correct holster such a complicated task.

With so many variations, materials, options, colors, etc. offered, usually, people settle on a few of the ones previously purchased to prevent wasting time searching for some other variations like that may probably not again cater to their requirements again.



Instead of using the same traditional approaches to choose your gun holster, we must ensure first a proper understanding of various concepts that can be applied so that you can narrow down a few important elements that can serve your intended needs.

Selecting your correct holster

The right selection of your holster, be it Quick clip holster, will revolve around what type of firearm you are carrying, and also where you will carry it, and how you will carry it. Let us explain them by considering the following few factors:

1.     Firearms make and model

Whether your holster will fit properly your firearm? Sadly most standard holsters are meant for commonly used firearms only for right-handed users.

So, consider the make and model of your gun and while shopping for your holster, you will have advanced information about the specification. That can be your starting point for your search.

2.     Accessibility

Your holster must offer easy access to your gun and prevent any other person to draw your gun. You also must consider concealability, durability, and also what will work best for your own intended use.

In case, you want to wear your holster openly, then better consider more bulky and much higher level holsters for drawing easily by you but difficult for anyone else.

3.    Daily routine

Your holster must be secure enough during your regular activities. As an example, while regularly using vehicles, consider whether your firearm will fall freely out of the holster or the entire holster fall off while you go through different positions.

4.     Location

Where will it make most sense in having your holster located? If you are planning how to use your holster, first identify exactly which area on your body, you can make its best possible use during most of the situations.

5.     Concealment

You need to check whether you can properly conceal your firearm on a regular basis while wearing your normal dress. You may simply check by standing in front of the mirror and go through different motions and ensure your firearm remains concealed.  .

6.     Proficiency

If you are carrying your new holster for the first time, then simply wear it around your house for some time with an unloaded gun until you are fully comfortable with it.


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