Different Types of Dog Collars that you Should know

Different Types of Dog Collars .......

No one wants to ever have their dog run off and get lost, and one of the best defenses against that outcome is to make sure they have their leash and collar all set up. If you already own a dog or have their leash and collar, then you’re all good. If you just have a puppy or are thinking about owning a dog, then you’ve got some choices to make.

The collar should always provide some basic information, where the ID tags should hold your information, such as your name and phone number, proof of vaccination, and possibly even a tracker to ensure you can find your pup anywhere. If your dog gets loose, then at least you’ll know that someone will more than likely contact you when he is found. If you install a tracking chip and link it to your phone, you’ll be able to chase after your dog yourself.

Types of Dog Collars

There are many different types of collars, including wide dog collars around collars, and harnesses. Flat collars are your best bet, as they are normal, soft, and unrestrictive to your dog’s neck. In addition, they also fit snugly with most leashes, so you’ll be able to control and train your dog all the better for it.

Different Types of Dog

If your dog is a breed that has a slender neck, then a martingale collar will keep it from slipping off of their neck and prevent them from running loose.

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If you have a big dog that likes to play and pull you around, then head collars and harnesses are your best bet. One strap rests behind their neck and the other goes behind their ears. The head collar restricts the amount of pulling power the dog has when he tries to pull free from your grip and gives you more control over the large dog.

Harnesses and Leashes

Harnesses loop around the body as well as the head, giving you more control, so if you want to keep your dog still or reinforce some training then this is the one for you.

The type of leash you get depends on the size and behavior of your dog, and one leash certainly doesn’t fit all.

Types of Dog Collars

Leashes include extendable leashes that can extend and retract depending on the pressure you put on it. It almost feels like holding a tape measure and letting it go or retracting it.

Other types of leashes are the normal “handhold on one end and clip on the other” which are always reliable, and even hands-off leashes that let you loop the leash around yourself so it can be used hands-free.

Why You Need Them

No matter what, a collar and a leash are essential to pet supplies to have if you are thinking about getting a dog.

Different Types of Dog Collars husky

They’ll be able to give you control, assist in training, and ensure that you will be contacted if your dog is lost. So think about the type of collar and leash that will work the best for your dog and your lifestyle, and try that out.


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