Drive Better Business Solutions and Directives with free Crm App

There are numerous top-class CRM apps that come for free. One such free CRM app is Flowlu CRM. If you want to do a comparative analysis of all the applications, you can select a few parameters. These are upgrade cost per month, users in the free version, open-source, email automation, social media management, and customer support in the free plan and overall rating. You have cloud-based CRM tools like FlowLu that cater to businesses of all scales and sizes. The free version provides CRM features. These are contact management, lead management, project management, and quoting and invoicing.

Know the utility

The USP or unique selling proposition of a free CRM app is that it provides a few business operations and management aspects, such as accounting and project management.

The features make it ideal and suitable for first-time buyers of CRM, who need automating functions like finance, customer service, and marketing and sales.

If you want to upgrade your app after using it, you can pay for the integrated and advanced features. These are access control, API systems and integration, cash flow management, knowledge base, and time tracking.

Drive Better Business Solutions

The main advantages are the business management feature saves time because you don’t need to toggle between numerous apps.

You’ll find that the knowledge center feature is smooth. It helps the customer support team to address all questions.

More on the platforms

A flip side of the top CRM platforms is that some users opine that you can simplify its task management tool or interface. You’ll note that the different features in the free version, which are financial management, task management, and contact management can take some time to discern and familiarize.

In addition to its free version, a renowned app like FlowFlu entails four definite pricing plans. These include enterprise, professional, business, and team. The team edition costs you around $29 a month for eight users.

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It’s most ideal for businesses of all scales that need to manage an array of functions, such as finance, marketing, and sales through software.

Drive Better Business

Diverse platforms

Freshsales is another noteworthy CRM tool for business houses. It’s one of those top CRM platforms that offer freemium plans, bolstering interaction management, email marketing, and lead management and contact management.

It’s USP is the unlimited number of contacts and users. The plan also provides email and phone support.

The paid versions provide features like SMS integration, pipeline management, built-in phone, multi-currency support, a mobile app, and workflows. You can deploy the system on the cloud or on-premise.

Better Business Solutions

Use in faculty

You need to store faculty data in an efficient, retrievable, and orderly way.  But compiling an extensive load of data like PF, salary, or staff like service book, recruitment, pension and gratuity, and leaves require excessive time and effort. The avalanche of paperwork and the hassles surrounding the process calls for a faculty portal online. Automating the services will not streamline each aspect but save a lot of time.


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