Why Is it Important to Perform Duct Cleaning During the Summer

Cleaning your home can take many forms, from simple tasks like dusting and vacuuming to more complex ones like cleaning your HVAC system or ducts. It is impossible to eliminate germs from your home using any single cleaning method. Several cleaning actions are necessary to ensure a healthy environment. Keeping a home clean requires clean air passing through ductwork and HVAC systems. I contacted Sem’s Duct Cleaning to seek more information about duct cleaning. I learned more about the process.

Duct Cleaning

In-Depth Checkup

To begin, you should inspect your ductwork and see how they are doing. The vents can be visually inspected to determine whether there is dust and if they need to be cleaned. You can also better grasp how much dust and debris accumulates between cleanings and how frequently you should call professionals.

An in-depth investigation is more effective than a visual inspection. Cleaning professionals use cameras to examine vents closely and determine the extent of buildup.

As part of this inspection, they can also look at the general condition of the ducts: if there are leaks or breaks, they can replace or fix them immediately.

The longer you keep your house clean and identify leaks early, the more money you can save.

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What Does The Cleaning Look Like?

Vents are vacuumed in the process of duct cleaning using heavy-duty equipment. Moving these devices from place to place is easy since they are mounted on trucks.

In terms of cleaning, it’s pretty straightforward. With a hose attached to the duct and sealed tightly, dust and debris are guided straight into the machine. The air handler should control airflow, so the hose should be attached near it.

To prevent air from traveling sideways, cover all registers with adhesive covers before you vacuum. Even the most powerful vacuum cannot perform at its total capacity if registers are left uncovered.

The goal is o detach the dirt from the duct surface and enter the machine. The machine is turned on once everything is ready, creating negative pressure.

Duct Cleaning

It’s All About The Tools

Different contractors use different methods, which results in different outcomes. Simply vacuuming and cleaning the ductwork with chemicals will not solve the problem. Each register must be uncovered and cleaned separately as soon as the central duct has been vacuumed. Only quality contractors perform such thorough work.

To eliminate dust and debris from your ducts, you need specific tools, such as rotating brushes, vacuums, and compressed air mechanisms. The process can take up to six hours.

Cleaning your ducts, to secure fresh air within your home or office is crucial for health. Unfortunately, it’s not something you can DYI since the process requires proper tools and machinery that, in combination with professional hands, bring results.

Professional Expertise And Efficiency

An ideal contractor will devote full attention to dust-free ductwork in your office or home. Cleaning your home on a surface level is not enough to provide a healthy environment. If the contractor uses quality tools, you can expect them to clean everything, inspect it before cleaning, use HEPA vacuum equipment, and protect carpets, furniture, and other parts of the house.

After the contractors have completed the job, it is a good idea to ask for pictures showing the ductwork’s interior. This way, you will understand just how important it is to clean ducts.

Duct Cleaning

You should clean your ducts once a year, at the very least. The pandemic taught us the importance of clean air in enclosed spaces.

Make a habit of cleaning your ductwork regularly. Schedule a visit from a professional cleaning team and see the results firsthand.


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