Cartridge Care Tips To Prolong The Life Of Inkjet Cartridges

Faulty ink cartridges can add up your office expenses very quickly. A faulty cartridge can also damage the printer, thus, paving for more trouble and added expenses. It will also lower down the productivity because of inaccuracy in the printed material.

Frequent replacement of the cartridge is also not a practical solution. Therefore, we do not invest smartly in not just a high-quality printer but also a good-quality cartridge to receive a longer-lasting efficiency in your prints.

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Types of the printer cartridge

The 2 most common types of cartridges are used in office setups. The quality of the print will depend upon how we need to care for each type of cartridge.



  1. Inkjet cartridge:
  • It uses a dye-based ink and is best suitable for use at home or in small business setups as it can take only a certain volume of printing.
  • We should never use these cartridges till the last drop of ink and should clean the print head at regular intervals.
  • Also, avoid putting these cartridges in a hot car.
  1. Laser Toner cartridge:
  • It utilizes a toner powder, which is melted by the laser machine to create print on the paper.
  • While these are expensive upfront with highly-priced toners, the need for maintenance is low and is suitable in offices requiring a high volume of printing.
  • These cartridges must be stored at room temperature and away from light.
  • We should never attempt to open these cartridges and never leave them in motor vehicles.

How to prolong the life of an inkjet cartridge?

To achieve better print quality and ink that lasts longer, you need to follow certain steps before and during the installation of the cartridge.



  1. Before installation care tips:
  • Inspect the cartridge for any visible damage.
  • Tap or shake the cartridge a few times to prime the ink.
  • Remove the plastic pull tab or clip.
  • Use a Q-tip to wipe off any dust on the gold contact connection chip.
  1. Installation care tips:
  • Follow the instruction manual.
  • You can also refer to the brand’s tutorial videos available on channels such as YouTube.
  • Unplug the printer unit from the power supply.
  • Let the printer head come back to the resting position.
  • Smoothly insert the new cartridge, forcing it can damage the cartridge and printer components as well.
  1. Storage and positioning tips:
  • If you have extra cartridges in hand, store them in dark and cool cabinets.
  • You can also place a damp towel near the cartridge to prevent drying out.
  • Always store them in airtight containers in nozzle side up position.

You must also keep a check on the signs of low ink levels like streaky or patchy printing.

printer cartrageIf you have not used the printer for a long time, you will have to clean the print head and do cartridge repriming to get back to normal ink flow.

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These simple cartridge care tips can help you in saving a lot of money in the long run.


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