How to Find a Good Cattery for your Home?

Some cat owners or even pet owners in general avoid going away on holiday because it means leaving their furry companion. Finding a cattery that suits the needs of the owners and the needs of the cat is very important; cattery Rhyl offers a home from home feel for your cat.

We want to help you find the best cattery for your feline, so here are some of the important basics in boarding cattery care.

No Chance of a Houdini

This sounds like a no-brainer, but cats can be fiddly little devils – and if the cattery isn’t built, maintained, or managed properly there could be a case of an escapee. The cattery needs to have individual cat housing units, which have been built to be secure; with no gaps or holes that a feline can squeeze through. Equally, having trained and experienced staff is important; cat escapes from a well-run cattery should be an exceptionally rare occurrence.

Cattery Home

Home from Home Feel

There are different styles of catteries out there, some are totally indoors and some have little outdoor areas for exploring. You will need to decide whether an indoor, outdoor or a happy medium is the type of cattery that is going to best suit your cat. Also, if you have a fussy cat, many catteries will encourage you to bring their favorite bed and toys with you so that they can help to create a nice home-from-home environment.

Health and Safety

When there are a lot of cats in the same confined space, there is an increased chance of spreading viral or bacterial diseases. Some of these nasties can hop from cat to cat given even the smallest opportunity. Many catteries will provide a list of vaccinations that must be up-to-date, and some will even request to see your vaccination records. Feline respiratory disease and feline infectious enteritis are two common vaccination requests. Some catteries will also require you to remove your cats’ collar prior to arrival at the facility.

Home cats

Enough Space

You want your cat to have enough room to move around comfortably, all cats should be in individual runs, aside from cats that have come from the same household. As long as they do not come into contact with cats from other households they will be fine – the runs should also have a place to sunbathe and have toys to keep the felines entertained.

Relaxed, but not bored

You want your cat to have a nice relaxed stay in the cattery so the presence of a lot of barking and excited dogs in kennels nearby is going to be incredibly stressful – so choose a cattery that either doesn’t have kennels on-site or has the cattery well separated.

cat at home

Eating Habits

Good cattery proprietors will find out about your cat’s regular food and will try and keep the feeding routine the same as at home. They will also keep a watchful eye on the amount of food being eaten, and if your cat needs a little extra encouragement to eat, they will usually try different things to help your cat feel relaxed and happy to start chowing down.

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Tender Loving Care

For most of us, a pet is an integral part of the family, and we want them to be looked after with the same care and consideration that we give them ourselves. This is where the cattery staff comes into the equation – they will need to be cat lovers with lots of enthusiasm and dedication to their jobs, a good cattery can easily provide this.

Good Cattery

When you think you’ve found a cattery in North Wales that is going to be suitable for your feline, make sure you visit prior to arranging a stay. Get the proprietors to show you around their facility and ask any outstanding questions you might have, ask them how they will take care of your pet, they should answer in detail and ask plenty of questions about your cat. Doing some online research is also a good idea, check our reviews from previous customers.


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