Here Are Reasons Why Hiring Piano Movers Is a Wise Choice

In relocating to another house, most households scratch their heads when they think of moving their grand piano. This massive musical instrument costs a fortune. Most new models are worth $10,000 or more. And even if you own a baby grand piano, which is worth almost a portion of the cost of their massive counterparts, still they are pricey. So, if you don’t hire professional piano movers in Brisbane, you may endanger your musical instrument, yourself, and your family during the moving.

Most removal companies offer piano moving service as one of their services. They understand the problems owners of this instrument are facing when they are transferring to a new home. But there are still other homeowners who prefer to transport this instrument themselves. Besides being cheap, they believe that transferring this item is safer when they do it on their own.

Piano Mover

A Case for Hiring Piano Movers

For experts in moving, this belief is far from the truth. Not only transporting this instrument yourself is dangerous, but it is also costly. Here are some arguments that refute this notion:

Prevent Injury and Damage

Most grand pianos weigh around a ton. With this weight, you can get injured if you don’t know the proper way of lifting and loading it on your own or rented vehicle. This item is also made of tiny delicate parts that can get misplaced or lost while being loaded or unloaded. Many removal companies have professionals who are experienced in handling heavy and bulky items such as pianos.


Proper Moving Vehicle and Equipment

Not all vans or trucks are equipped to carry grand pianos. To safely transfer this item to other areas, you need protective equipment dedicated to safeguarding fragile music instruments. Most vehicles have padding or foams to cushion the impact and bumps when traveling. Many removalists also enclose it in a protective covering to prevent dents or scratching. They also use the proper lifting equipment for smooth and hassle-free loading and unloading.

Trained Staff

Handling large and bulky items do not only require muscles. It also needs adequate training and experience to do the job well. Even weightlifters cannot properly move the piano when it is run through narrow doorways, staircases, and other intricate passageways. Navigating all these when carrying a bulky and delicate load is not a walk in the park. You need trained and experienced staff to carry out this task.


Understanding the Risk

Professional piano movers know the importance of handling the instrument with adequate care. They also know the parts where they can lift and protect the item. Letting people who don’t appreciate music and its instruments transport this heavy item would only endanger your item.

Because of their delicate parts, grand pianos are prone to damage. Recklessly carrying them can also lead to injuries. To ensure that your house relocation is smooth and hassle-free, you need to hire professional and experienced piano movers in Brisbane. Just make sure the owner employs the right personnel and equips them with the right tools.


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