How a Housefly Can Spread Diseases?

In our household and its surroundings, it is very common to find houseflIES and they are the cause of several public health problems. Particularly in those countries, where the sanitary condition is too poor.

Most of these houseflies are dull gray, with a bristled body, and their length is usually about 7 mm having large and reddish compound eyes. Although its mouth may not be able to bite like bees, however, it consists of a certain spongy type of pad.

The houseflies have got a very peculiar system of feeding themselves. Initially, they will release their saliva with their digestive juices on the food and thereafter they will sponge up the solution that gets created. You can just imagine then what you will end up eating after any fly will take a  little ‘sip’ of your food.


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Why are houseflies a problem?

It is always quite unpleasant to have any houseflies around your surroundings. These pests will always be an eyesore in every home and often they can also fly on your faces besides hovering over your food. All these behaviors of houseflies are too frustrating and also these insects carry many different bacteria and other organisms that can create many different diseases.

Housefly Can Spread Diseases

How do houseflies usually spread their disease?

Houseflies are a little different from other types of flying insects like mosquitoes. Instead of biting or directly contacting your body, they will spread diseases indirectly through their feeding and breeding habits.

Links between disease and houseflies

Housefly Can Spread

Usually, these houseflies feed on feces, rotting produce, trash, and spoiled meats, and they constantly pick up certain pathogens. Then these insects will carry all these germs and wherever they will land they will leave them behind. Within a few seconds, they can transfer their germs.

Besides spreading their bacteria on your foodstuff, these flies can also often vomit or defecate wherever they will land and feed. You can often find them in your kitchen and will continue to buzz around various foods. Due to this behavior, they can easily spread diseases.

What are the various diseases caused due to houseflies?

 Spread Diseases

It is very common to find these houseflies in your home as well as in your business areas and they are capable of spreading all kinds of diseases at almost every place. They are as terrible in spreading diseases like rats and cockroaches.

As per the World Health Organization, houseflies can transmit at least 65 different diseases to we humans, which also includes diarrhoeal diseases and different infection to our eye and skin. You can prevent their entry inside your premises by using fly screens for doors and windows.

Houseflies may carry a few serious and life-threatening diseases like as follows:

  • Dysentery
  • Cholera
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Tuberculosis
  • Shigellosis
  • Typhoid fever

Housefly Can Spread Disease

Another study has shown that house flies can also transmit foodborne pathogens along with their associated toxins and resistance. Those areas that are very close to animal production will be at much higher risk of foodborne diseases from these insects.


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