How do you search for an arrest warrant online?

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If there’s an arrest warrant out for you, or for someone you know, it’s certainly best to know about it. Being caught off guard by an arrest can be a horribly surprising, and disconcerting encounter, and can leave you off-balance during the legal process. Besides, if you were going to be arrested, wouldn’t you want to know about it prior to the arrest?

What is an arrest warrant?

An arrest warrant is a document, issued by a court of law, that grants police officers the right to arrest you. Arrest warrants are only issued if the police have reasonable suspicion of you in connection to a criminal case, and believe it is necessary to detain you. Now, if you have an arrest warrant out for yourself, it’s important to know that arrest warrants do not have expiration dates. Whether the warrant was issued yesterday, or a year ago, until it is repealed, it can be considered active.

Arrest warrants are issued for a number of reasons. In some states, they can be drafted for crimes as simple as unpaid parking tickets. However, they’re typically only connected to crimes in which one or more people have been put in danger as a result of the suspect’s actions, as judges do not want to issue warrants on innocent people.

How can I find out about an arrest warrant?

There are a couple of ways to identify an arrest warrant, but if you’re trying to find out fast, there’s nothing better than an arrest warrant search. Simply head to an online public records database, and search for your name. Results should begin arriving instantly, and you can find out if you’re in any danger of being arrested quickly.


Importantly, some law enforcement officers may immediately not notify public agencies of a warrant, in an attempt to catch the suspect off-guard. If this is the case, then you’re going to have to operate under the assumption that there is a warrant and move from there.

What should I do if I have an active arrest warrant?

The only thing you should focus on is speaking with a lawyer. Many arrest warrants can be resolved without ever needing to be arrested, and operating under a legal expert’s advice is almost always the best way to handle things.

That being said, if police officers attempt to arrest you, do not try to evade them. Resisting arrest will only serve to exacerbate any potential guilt you may have, and can also put you at risk of injury or death at the hands of the police officers. Cooperation with law enforcement is essential in that regard.

However, it is extremely prudent to avoid saying anything until you speak with your attorney. You do not want to accidentally incriminate yourself with a passing word, and police officers are specially trained to memorize everything you say, to utilize it effectively against you in court. Keep your mouth shut, even if you get interrogated, and keep demanding to see your lawyer.

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