How Online Survey Can Help You to Improvise Your Sales Plan?

Marketers have already used

Marketers have already used surveys as an important tool, now online variations make this process of surveying the customers very simple, it is like a crime of not doing it. By routinely using surveys, you may show that you really value your customer’s viewpoint while gaining important information on the types of product, services or enhancements that they are keen to pay for.

Here are various ways of surveying your customers:

Tracking performance – You may use the short survey just to keep your functioning in order. You may ask for customer feedback about their experiences with the company and use this information to keep a proper track of how well you or your staff is doing. The call centers, for example, track their performance in this way.

Market analysis

One obvious reason for launching online surveys in the business is finding out what the market prefers, and what are the important needs of the market? Asking questions regarding the choices that people make while interacting with the products and services just like yours may turn up valuable information for future plans.

Customer demographics

Customer demographics

One more way of deepening your relationship with the customers is offering a survey that will ask them about: their lives, their preferences, their challenges, and their problems even beyond an area that your business serves. Then you can use such data for the product or service development and in developing some key strategic relationships.

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Are you not yet sure about the logo or name for your new business or product? Searching for the right addition to your great inventory? Thinking about what service is required in the local downtown district? You can ask the customers to vote. Many people love to chime in while offered some choices.

Customer follow-up

Customer follow-up

Sending the detailed survey instantly following the sale (mainly for expensive items) is revealing in terms of how well you answer your customer’s requirement. It’s one important way of showing your customer that you’re highly grateful for their interactions and you are dedicated to continual improvement.

Social media relationship Nowadays social media play a crucial role in online presence. The more subscribers for YouTube channel and Twitter followers you have, the more likely you are not only to acquire new customers but also to receive feedback from the ones that used your service. The best part is that most of the time, you don’t need to make much effort, cause the information will flow naturally and if you want to pose a specific question, a quick poll will do the trick.

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How and when to use online surveys?

Online surveys have a lot of potential uses and can be simple to implement than before. However, it is very important to use this wisely so that you do not waste any resources and time and frustrate your customers with any unnecessary questions. In order, to create the most effective content marketing, you will see that surveys are highly useful for refining and evaluating content in the core marketing funnel and buying process, like:

  • Blogs and digital magazines
  • Email newsletters and drip email campaigns
  • Product and service content, like descriptions, white papers, demonstrations, and comparisons

If you are like any other content marketers, you will have to make sure that your content supports your 3 “RS”: reputation, reach, and results. The surveys will give you an insight into the broad questions such as:


Are my business attracting the right potential customers?


Is my marketing strategy positioning my brand or business in a way I want? You will survey the potential customers to know it.


Is my marketing influencing the decisions that people make? Surveys will reveal if potential customers:

  • Rely on content to inform about their decisions in every stage of the marketing funnel?
  • Find content simple to understand and comprehend
  • Find content compelling


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