How to make time for yourself when Working in Hospitality?

Working in the hospitality industry can be tough, but even more so when you’re the owner of a pub or a hotel. Indeed, it can often feel like you get no time for yourself, working seven days a week and covering for staff whilst they go off and enjoy a well-earned break. The good news, though, is that it is possible, and below, we’ve put together some of the ways in which you can make time for yourself and unwind after a hard year’s graft.

Get friends and family involved

Get friends and family involved

The chances are that you have lots of friends and family who would be willing to take on a few extra shifts so you can enjoy a break with your loved ones. Ask your children to cover whilst you take your partner on a romantic mini-break, for example, or ask a family friend to run your hospitality business whilst you jet off on an adventure on the other side of the world. Letting go of your business for even a few days can be tough, but knowing it’s been left in the capable hands of your loved ones will allow you to rest easy and forget about the stress.

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Recruit temporary staff

Struggling to cope in the kitchen or don’t think your current team would be able to manage if you needed to take a break? Consider hiring relief chefs, who will be able to reduce some of the workloads and give you peace of mind that there’s a professional keeping everything under control. Sure, you have to pay relief staffers more than you would a standard member of staff, but you don’t have to worry about keeping them full-time – as soon as you return from your break, they’ll leave the company and move on to their next cheffing position.

Give staffers more responsibility

Give staffers more responsibility

Another way to take some time for yourself when working in the hospitality industry is to give your current staff more responsibility. We get it – as a small business owner, you want to have your finger in every pie and manage as much of your business as you can, but the truth is that you’re not always going to be there. Train up staff that shows signs of potential, and be prepared to up salaries to empower staff to work harder and do better work. In no time at all, you’ll build a competent team that you can depend on, and then spend a week on the beach!

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Close your establishment

If you’re desperate for a break and you simply cannot find someone to cover for you or don’t want to hand over the responsibility to someone else, then you could consider closing your establishment or a section of your business (the restaurant, for example, or offering only continental breakfasts for a week in your hotel) until you get back from your break. Sure, this is an unorthodox suggestion, but one that will help you to truly unwind and switch off from the world. Consider doing so during the quieter times of the year, such as in winter or spring.



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