How to Transport Your Motorcycle to Another State or Country

Mostly, motorcyclists prefer to ride wherever they go as it provides them the thrilling excitement on and off the road. However, sometimes it is beneficial to ship their motorcycle if there is a need to move far-off states or regions. There are genuine auto shipping companies ready to transport their customer’s vehicles safely to the required destination.


Many motorists won’t accept the idea of shipping their motorcycle as they don’t want to part with their vehicle. Motorcycle shipping is the easiest way to transport your vehicle to any far-off region. There are highly popular auto transport companies ready for shipping vehicles of their customers to deliver at the decided time. In the US region, you can contact Ship a Car, Inc. They are in the market of auto transporting for many decades. Thus, you can trust them to ship your motorcycle to any destined place safely.

The positive features of auto shipping companies that have fully satisfied their customers-

  • Delivered on time.
  • Precautions were taken to safely transport the motorcycle.
  • They cost reasonably for vehicle transportation.

Things to do before you drop your motorcycle in the yard of the auto transporters-


  • Your vehicle needs to be serviced before shipping it. You can drain the fuel tank, disconnect the battery and repair any mechanical issues.
  • Take photos of your motorcycle closely. It helps to know if any scratches or damages have happened while shipping it. You can show to the transport officials if any problem arises in a refund.
  • Provide the right address for hassle-free delivery of the vehicle. Try to gain the contact numbers of the drivers of the carrier vehicle to keep you updated while the vehicle is on the road.

Factors that are considered while shipping your motorcycle –

  • The distance of transportation. More the miles, the cost will increase.
  • The size and weight of the motorcycle. If it is bigger or heavier then it costs more. The bigger motorcycle needs extra space and more tightening straps.
  • The choice of shipping options. Open carrier costs lesser compare to closed carriers. People transporting old bikes mostly choose open-carrier options because they aren’t worried about exposing their bikes to the outside elements. People owning new trendy bikes prefer closed-carriers to protect their vehicles from any pollutants, dirt, and dust.
  • The month when the transportation is done matters. In the winter season while snowing the fare of transportation is expensive.

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Once you have short-listed few auto transport companies, it is time to ask them certain questions to clear your doubts.


  • Ask them whether they have a license, insurance for safe transportation of the vehicle.
  • Know the facilities they are ready to provide other than the transportation of your bike.
  • Understand whether there are any extra charges to pay like taxes.
  • Ask them the date of arrival and whether they are ready to drop at your given address without charging more.

Reputed, well-experienced auto transport providers are ready to provide their customers all details about their services. You can find the best auto shippers in your region by reading the reviews and their comments. You need not worry about shipping your motorcycle once it is transported by genuine transporters.


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