How To Verify Whether Your Loved One Is Abusing Drugs?


There is a lot of confusion and misinformation revolving around how a drug addict behaves in public. The media and graphic representation have misled society regarding drug addicts and there is a lot that needs to be addressed so that this societal anomaly of drug addiction can be addressed in a better way.

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Oftentimes, these signs are so subtle that they go unnoticed from our sight. You may believe that your friend or family members are doing fine. However, they might be suffering from drug abuse. In this article, the author would attempt to address the signs of drug abuse and thus, educate you about the signs of drug addiction.

If you find any or a couple of these signs in any of your close ones, you must rush to rehab. Drug abuse, if addressed in the right way, can be treated and reversed. However, the most important part is expertise and time. It is not easy to quit drug addiction, it is a time hefty process and it works only if you wait and let it exert its effects.

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Checklist for symptoms of drug addiction

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1-    Physical symptoms- Some of the physical aberrations can be very visible while others can be so subtle that they might evade the attention of a layman. Seemingly trivial distortions from the ordinary can be the symptoms of drug addiction. Bloodshot red eyes pinpoint or dilated pupils, etc are some of the symptoms of drug abuse.

In some cases, the skin texture and complexion might also change. Washed-out color, puffiness, etc are telltale signs of drug abuse. Other physical signs include constant itching in specific areas of the body, slurred speech, impulsive behavior like pulling down the sleeved to hide marks, and frequent sniffing.

2-    Overall appearance- some drug addictions have their affectation on the appetite of an individual which means that sudden gain or loss of weight in the individual is also a sign of drug abuse. Other changes in appearance include lack of interest in personal grooming, becoming sticky and careless, etc.

3-    Miscellaneous- if you find cigarette wrapping papers, syringes, cut-up straws, lighters, bongs, cutting surfaces like glass, pipes, rolled up banknotes, soiled cotton swabs, bunt spoons, razor blades, etc in their room, then it is possible that they are abusing drugs.


Drug abuse is the most destructive activity an individual can perform, but with the right treatment, it can be cured.


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