Igloo Beach Lodge Provides Best Destination Wedding Facilities in Costa Rica

Igloo Beach Lodge is the perfect place in Costa Rica for celebrating special occasions and events with family and loved ones, With their luxurious amenities as well as helpful and friendly staff, anyone can feel at ease.

Costa Rica is a magical wedding destination

Costa Rica is a magical wedding destination that makes the couple’s dream come true. The number one reason to have a destination wedding in igloo beach is the diverse natural sites in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is the first choice of honeymoon couples not only because of the gorgeous landscape but also because of breathtaking venues like Igloo Beach Lodge.

Igloo Beach Lodge was launched by the Ocean Park Hotels in December 2019. It is an exclusive beachfront property in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Ocean Park was the first company to launch an eco-friendly design lodge in the hotel industry.

design lodge in the hotel industry

When it was being designed, the company focused solely on construction methodologies that are economical with fewer carbon footprints.

The entire premise consists of igloo cabins which are built using the air form method. With all amenities like free Wi-Fi, an outdoor pool, restaurant, 24 hours service, and Beach Club, it becomes a one-stop-shop for all couples who love a destination wedding. Visitors can enjoy everything in this corner of Costa Rica.

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The hotel has non –smoking rooms and well-groomed gardens. Tourists can avail of their shuttle service to travel to and fro the airport. It may be a mall area, but it consists of around 109 species of mammals and 184 species of birds.


igloo beach lodge

While staying in the resort visitors can also enjoy activities like hiking, horse riding, wildlife, and whitewater rafting.

One of the customers stated in TripAdvisor,” We loved our igloo stay while on our honeymoon! Also, they decorated the suite for us when we arrived. We had fun at the pool, enjoyed strolling at the beach, and the staff was extremely helpful. We got our activities booked months before over email.”

Another traveler from Airbnb stated, “Igloo beach resort is at a perfect location that makes an amazing stay. It is a 5-minute walk to the public beach where we watched amazing sunsets. The host was friendly and maintained hygiene due to COVID19.”

The Igloo Beach

The Igloo Beach Lodge rooms are inspired by dome-shaped igloos. The structure is covered with vegetation that allows cooling of the room by using 50% less energy. The USP of the resort is the reusable material ‘airforms’ which is used to build the resort. It looks like an inflatable pump made from extremely engineered fabric.

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Costa Rica is known for varieties of resort-style accommodations. Igloo Beach Lodge is one of its kind that is not only surrounded by nature but also build with the eco-friendly concept. Igloo Beach Lodge has grabbed a lot of attention.


Even during the pandemic, the lodge remained open. Costa Rica has taken all necessary measures to ensure customer’s safety and comfort.

A spokesperson from Ocean Parks Hotel said, “Unlike the majority of accommodation options, we will modify each campus according to its unique surroundings and introduce our travelers to a mesmerizing place while maintaining the highest standards for eco-tourists.”


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