Manage The Health Of Your Amazon Account To Avoid Discontinuation

As a seller checking your account health on Amazon is important. Amazon’s success depends majorly on the performance of third-party sellers. If the seller is receiving too many negative reviews or violating sales policy, Amazon too suffers from a bad reputation. Thus, whenever Amazon finds any seller is hampering their image, the company suspends the seller’s account and informs them accordingly.


Any information that is doubtful or red-flagged should be catered to immediately before Amazon notices and takes serious actions against it. If the seller’s account gets suspended, they may have to wait for weeks or months to get it reinstated. This is a huge loss for the business.

Younglanes Amazon appeal services help sellers in reinstating the account in Amazon. The work directly with the Amazon seller Performance representative to get your account reinstated within 24-48 hours. Their in-house lawyers draft an appeal with the proper plan of action to ensure that your business runs smoothly back again. They use their internal contact in the Amazon Seller performance and check your account in Amazon seller central performance section to know the suspension issues so that they work on it accordingly.

Amazon Account Health Criteria

Order Defect Rate

ODR is the key that shows if you’re providing good customer service. It keeps a record of all orders within 60 days with one or more defects. Any negative feedback by the buyer denied guarantee claim, demand for compensation, or credit card chargeback are categorized under order defect.


According to Amazon’s policy, the seller should maintain less than 1% ODR for eligibility to sell on Amazon. If the ODR is above 1%, it can result in account suspension.

Cancellation Rate

The CR keeps a track of all seller-canceled orders within 7 days. These orders should be canceled by the seller and not by the buyer. If the pending orders are canceled by the customer on Amazon, it is not included in the CR. The seller should maintain less than 2.5% CR to remain on the Amazon page. Anything above 2.5% CR will lead to account suspension.

Late Dispatch Rate

As the name suggests the shipment reaches the buyer later than the expected date mentioned on the Amazon page. This tracker maintains data within a 10-30 days period.


The shipment data should be confirmed by the seller so that the buyer can track it on the Amazon tracking page. Any order that is delayed can lead to negative feedback, which will increase both the late Dispatch rate and ODR. A seer should have less than a 4% late dispatch rate to do business with Amazon, otherwise, the account will be suspended.

Valid Tracking Rate

VTR is the total data within 30 days of the seller’s fulfilled orders. The customers depend on the tracking number to track their shipment. Thus, the seller should always provide the VTR for the customer’s convenience.

On-Time Delivery Rate

OTDR represents all seller fulfilled orders that are delivered within their estimated time. Amazon considers the OTDR performance for the eligibility of the seller.


It reflects the transit time and the efficiency of the seller. Sellers should maintain OTDR above 97% to meet the criteria.

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Return Dissatisfaction Rate

RDR also tells if the customer is dissatisfied or not. If the return request is with negative feedback it affects your ODR as well. Your RDR will affect all your data if it is not responded to within 48 hours, or incorrectly denied. The RDR should be below 10% to maintain a healthy business with Amazon.


The best way of maintaining a healthy account is by reviewing the data regularly and analyzing the defects instantly and implementing it. Therefore, sellers must monitor their accounts from time to time to ensure that all data is green and nothing is red-flagged.


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