Avoiding Mistakes While Designing Your Bedroom

Designing your bedroom needs proper planning as it is important to see that the space and storage are used for creating a peaceful and calm retreat.

However, we tend to make some common bedroom design mistakes that interfere with our sleep space.

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Bedroom design mistakes
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Bedroom design mistakes

Before you set out on planning to design your bedroom, check these tips to avoid making common bedroom design mistakes and make your sleeping space happier and more relaxing.

Unpleasant wall colour

The wall colour of your bedroom should be soft and comforting and not vibrant and energetic.

  • Go for light and soft colour tones.
  • Try navy or deep charcoal if you want to have something moody.

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Over-sized bed

Large beds are tempting as they give a luxurious look but ensure the exact space that the super king bed will take up in your bedroom.

Too large and oversized beds might cause space constraints in your bedroom and will leave hardly any space for storage or seating furniture.

Moreover, a huge frame or headboard can make your room look cramped even when it is not so big.

Therefore, make a careful decision about the size of your bed as the passage on either side of the bed should have good space for moving comfortably.

Shortage of clothes storage
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Shortage of clothes storage

There are two basic requirements while planning the storage capacity of your bedroom.

  • One is for a good wardrobe.
  • Another is making enough space for storing your garments, accessories, shoes, and bags.

Check the physical space required for storing your clothes by measuring the area with tape. Note down the hanging space needed and how to store your footwear as well.

  • You may go for fitted wardrobes with shelves, hanging spaces, and even drawers.
  • You can get them prepared for the room.
  • Get some modular furniture that can be designed by you.

Blocking natural light

Placing anything in front of the window blocks the natural light coming into your bedroom if you do not have more sources of natural light.

  • Add more lighting, such as tabletop, overhead, and floor lamp to keep your room bright.
  • You can also opt for a bed frame with a low profile or one without a headboard to reduce the amount of light lost.
  • Go for soft and warm-toned LEDs for a relaxing feel.
Less electrical sockets
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Less electrical sockets

Having enough plug sockets becomes a priority if you have a good number of gadgets that need to be charged frequently.

A lack of plug points can be a drastic flaw in bedroom design. Hence, while planning to design your bedroom, ensure to have enough electrical sockets for all your gadgets.

Decluttered room

  • Keep meaningful but minimal furniture in your room so that it doesn’t look decluttered.
  • Keep all your items in the proper spaces.
  • Designate a small zone for keeping your garments or items that are not being kept away immediately.

Check for all these mistakes while planning to design your bedroom. A well-designed bedroom can have all elements that would make a comfortable and lovely statement for your needs.


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