An Insight on Motivational Interviews and Enhancement Therapies

It is fondly known as MI or MET that is included in counseling sessions designed for people using an abused substance or experiencing alcohol addiction signs. It involves the psychological aspects of listening, paraphrasing, and summarizing the physical and mental health problems experienced by people using abused substances or having excessive alcoholic drinks.

Motivational Interviews

MI forms the base of other counseling therapies that are effective to improve the mental health of a person experiencing drug abuse withdrawal symptoms. It enhances the effectiveness of treatments planned to cure drug addiction. You can get the complete guide to motivational enhancement therapy by visiting the official webpage of Arrow Passage Recovery. The medical care staff will answer your questions regarding MI, its benefits and give a detailed explanation of the ways the therapy work.

Motivational enhancement therapy:

  • It is a short-term treatment plan to cure health disorders occurred due to excessive consumption of alcohol or abused substances. As the term suggests it is a motivational plan to inspire people to leave back the consumption of harmful substances that is sure to deteriorate their health slowly.
  • MET is for the people who are reluctant to avoid addiction. They aren’t ready to give up the abused substances or drink excessive alcohol as they are afraid of withdrawal symptoms and are troubled with mental disorders.
  • MET counseling portrays the adverse effects of their behavior and programs certain plans to improve their behavior pattern. They are motivated to recover from their addiction fast.
  • The treatment lasts for a maximum of four sessions however excessively troubled with mental trauma may need to attend more sessions. The counselor keeps them motivated to get treated soon to end the addiction to abused drugs. They develop the willingness to change their way of living and to adopt healthy living.

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The MET program works:

Motivational Interviews

  • The first session involves knowing the person’s emotions, dreams, and life problems. It helps to empathize with them and plan the counseling strategy to kindle feelings of good healthy life in their mind. Once they get motivated, then it helps to provide effective treatment to end addiction.
  • The next session is to make them understand their mistakes and accept the sad past moments of their life. Many people are reluctant to let go of using abused substances or alcohol as it helps them to be in a euphoric state. The session helps them accept the sad moments of their lives and regain their confidence and strength to lead a good life without the consumption of any kind of abused substances.
  • The therapists in the sessions don’t argue with the patients. They make the person aware of the negative aspects of drug or alcohol addiction in a pleasant manner. It motivates the person to reach out for help to get rid of addiction. The inner change in the person’s behavior maintains their courage to get rid of usage of drugs forever.

The person attending the MET sessions can improve their self-efficacy to get medical aid to eliminate the usage of drugs and alcohol forever.


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