Moving from East Coast to West Coast

I was born and lived in Nova Scotia for almost my life. I have known all the wonderful things and experiences on the East coast. However, there are things in life that we cannot handle. As I pursue my career, I had an offer from an international company in Vancouver which is on West Coast and a totally different place from where I was. During that time, I just need to make a big decision about the transition in my life. Well, opportunity knocks once in a lifetime so I decided to accept the offer.

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After my relocation, the next step was to be familiar with the new ambiance and neighborhood. Well, I can say that when I first step into this place I already could say that I was not on East Coast. The changes are visible. Yes, Vancouver and Nova Scotia are both in Canada but there are a lot of things that are not the same.

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Here are some.

  1. The sea– well I was fond when I knew that there are oceans on the west coast but I was surprised when I found out that it is not the same as I was used to. On the west coast, the sea is part of the Pacific Ocean while on East Coast it is the Atlantic Ocean. Also, the hue of the water, the sand, the sea creatures, and even the familiar breeze of the sea are not the same. I like it more on East Coast.
  2. Bigger things– well I can say that I was used to normal things. I said normally because most of the things on the West Coast are quite huge. I remember when I and my colleagues went o to Heritage Park, I was amazed and surprised by what I saw. Huge and tall trees. Trees that you cannot see the upper part or even cover the sight of clouds because the trees are massively tall. Also, if you embrace the trees you cannot do it with your two arms, it is thick that when you embrace you are not going to touch even the tip of your fingers. I felt awed and amazed knowing that there were things that I haven’t seen and experienced yet.
  3. Language dialects– West Coast and East Coast are regions in Canada, however, some of the local dialects are not the same. On the west coast, they have their own way of saying things as well as on the East Coast. Now I can say that I miss the people in my neighborhood saying maritime slang words like “Holy Mackerel” and “imagine”.
  4. Food and cuisine– seafood is really famous on East Coast that is what I love most in my hometown, yes there is some seafood on West Coast however I find seafood in our place fresh and have a distinct taste. Also, the local crops here are quite unreal for me maybe because of the milder weather that West Coast has.
  5. Cost of Living– as I grew up on East Coast, I always heard the people around me saying that when you move to BC you need to be ready. Don’t forget to bring cash. Now that I am on West Coast I finally understand what is the meaning of that. The cost of living is cheaper in Nova Scotia compared here in Vancouver from house rent, utilities, and even gas rate. I probably need to buy a new bicycle just for me to save up more on my expenses.
  6. Palm trees and Coconuts– well I can say that when we visited English Bay I got surprised, why? I saw palm trees scattered around. I thought that these trees are only present in vacation places. That is why I got awed and a quite strange feeling to see palm trees on the street.
  7. Climate– well, West Coast is considered a tropical part of Canada so expect that the weather here is also tropical means raining. It rains most of the time. What’s beneficial? Simple compared to East Coast you will not feel too cold and frozen during winter. What’s the drawback? Well because it is raining maybe you will forget what the sun looks like and the feeling of sun rays on your skin.
  8. Rush city– On East Coast where Halifax is, I can say that it is a busy city however compared to Vancouver it is few because this place is 3xhuge even more people. When it is rush hour the streets are busy. The bus, taxi, and all the public transportations are all full. To avoid the hustle you need to be an early bird.
  9. Beautiful Mountains– compare to East Coast, West Coast has more mountains to be seen. I can say that I am on West Coast every time I see mountains. Wherever you look you can see a glimpse of this rare beauty. Imagine a busy city with the gift of a glimpse of this magnificent mountain.

Atlantic Coast Movers

It is true that when you leave a beautiful place you carry it with you wherever you go however there is a whole world out there, right outside your window that needs to be explored by you. Different places offer a different kinds of things and experiences that need to be explored. Don’t lose your chance to see the world.


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