The Impact of a New Wallet on Quality of Life

You may benefit from technology, but clunky gadgets and a wallet stuffed with paper receipts and visit cards you’ll probably never use, make your daily commute more jarring. To cut down on the load, you’ll only carry what you really need neatly stacked in an attractive, durable package that firmly holds them in place. Nowadays, day-to-day needs are more digital than ever before, so big fat wallets filled with paper bills and visit cards have become a thing of the past. Here’s what you can do to increase the freedom of movement and how to organize your wallet without compromising The Recycled Firefighter style.

New Wallet on Quality of Life

Carry Only Cards You Need

There is no doubt that a debit or credit card, as well as an ID, are indispensable. Metro cards or subway passes would also be used every day, as well as work cards. Do you really need something more specific than that in your daily routine? Your social security card may not be necessary on your daily commute from home to work or anywhere else during a regular day. Play around by mixing various item load-outs to see what suits you best during a typical work day, just like you would in a video game. You can always add items to the rotation you feel you might be missing, but it sure feels good to leave things you don’t need out.

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The Modern

Most of these additional cards can be stored digitally while being easily accessible. Apps like KeyRing or Locked Folder can help. Just remember to use a strong password to protect it. Dashlane, a secure app that manages passwords for frequently used cards and much more, can even help you organize your passwords.

New Wallet on Quality of Life

Throw Receipts Every Day

You accumulate receipts in your wallet without ever understanding why and throw them away when they start sticking out of the wallet and look messy. The best way to avoid hardcopy receipts is to avoid them whenever possible. Evernote, Concur, and Locked Folder makes it easy to secure digital receipts. It’s time to throw out your old, worn-out wallet filled with receipts that faded out anyway. You can travel light wherever you go by introducing a slim wallet to your life.

Carrying Cash Around Isn’t Safe Anyway

We don’t need much paper money anyway, so it’s wise to carry only a few notes for the ”just in case” scenarios. In recent years, some convenient payment services have expanded the range of options, including Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Venmo. Another test you can conduct is to track your spending in one week and see how much paper money you use. Based on that number, you can estimate the amount of cash you should have on you.

Slim Your Wallet

New Wallet on Quality of Life

Adding a slimmer wallet to your collection can help you establish a habit of carrying less! Once you’ve experienced the freedom a slim wallet offers, you won’t want to stuff it full of extra stuff. The bulge in your pocket will no longer be visible when wearing slim jeans. Wouldn’t it be great if our phones were smaller too? You could introduce a small caring bag around the waist, but that’s not really fashionable these days. Your essentials need to be stored in a quality product that is stylish and comfortable at the same time. Everybody carries expensive gadgets like phones, laptops, headphones, and other valuables. Quality backpacks and wallets are essential for protecting these items from harm or theft!


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