A Few Ways to Obtain Good Customer Reviews and Ratings

In today’s internet age, people now prefer to look at the review and ratings of the company, before buying any product, whether it is an expensive car, a mobile phone, or even for buying a ticket for a movie.

Good Customer Reviews

Whenever we place an order for a new consumable item from the Amazon site, we always prefer the one that has got 4+ stars. You can now easily read the customer’s feedback for almost all products that you buy online.

ReviewNinja is one of the online review sites, that can create a custom review form to help customers leave their reviews and also can filter out the negative reviews.

According to a survey about 87% of consumers prefer to read online reviews before making a purchase. Also, almost 80% of online buyers trust online reviews almost like any personal recommendations.

In this post, we will share a few tips to get positive customer reviews on your product or service.

1. Always get your basics right

Make sure that your basics are right. For example, if your product is an air-conditioner or similar item, then ensure you provide a good user manual, troubleshooting procedures, etc.

2. Implement a certain wow factor

Add something to your product or service that can become too exciting for your consumers. When consumers of your products feel excited about it then they will offer better ratings.

3. Let your front-line team members focus on your vision

Let your marketing team focus more on why you are in this business instead of telling them what you are selling. People usually buy your product by knowing why you make it.

4. Turn your fans into your advocates

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Provide better value for your customer’s money, then they will automatically turn into your salesman and recommend your products to others.

5. Better own your mistakes by correcting it

Always confront the negative reviewers and try to understand their main issue and also try to address it as soon as possible.

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6. Ask your customer to offer reviews

You can also encourage to write reviews on your products and services by your satisfied customers, which will be a genuine review.

7. Don’t leave your reviews un-responded

No matter whether reviews are positive or negative, responding to them will impress your future prospects.

8. Offer incentives

You can offer incentives to your sales force if they can help you to get positive reviews from customers.

9. Host events

By hosting events you can popularize your brand and get an opportunity to meet your customers face-to-face and can answer their queries and doubts. That can generate goodwill among your prospects.

10. Use the power of social media

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You must have a presence on various social media, which is a powerful tool to directly interact with your customers.


Today, the customer is king, and hence you need to ensure that you must get a positive review for your products and services. Follow the above tips as mentioned in this post to obtain good reviews and ratings.


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