Top Benefits of Going for Performance Brake Upgrade and Reasons Why You Need It!

If you own a performance car, there are high chances that you drive aggressively, isn’t it? Well then, you require something that can handle that serious power as well as speed your vehicle generates.

Here comes the role of performance brakes. They are in fact the most important parts of any performance car.

You can get top-quality performance brakes at Cross Drilled Rotors just by visiting their site. Before you choose one, it is vital for you to understand how actually it works to choose the one that can best meet your needs. Let’s get started then!

Brake Upgrade

When to upgrade the brake system?

Well, every car on road can use a brake system upgrade. The following are some of the important questions to consider.

  • Are the stock brakes overheating?

You shall definitely know it since you will easily smell it. It will be a different smell that won’t be missed by you. In case you are experiencing this smell regularly, then you definitely require an upgrade.

  • Are you racing?

Are you taking your car out on the track? Well then, you are definitely a good candidate for a brake upgrade.

  • Are the stock brakes wearing?

A proper set of OEM front brake pads can last for a year or even two years on a performance car and for around 5 years on a “regular” car. In case you are burning through the brake pads every few months and replacing the rotors whenever you buy them, then you are also a good candidate for the upgrade.

What are the benefits of performance brakes?

Brake Upgrade

  • Heat

Rotors having slots or holes can prevent brakes from getting extremely hot. It keeps the cold air trapped in drilled areas and allows furthermore areas to dispense it. Heat may cause the brakes to crack and warp. In case you go for a lot of city driving instead of the expressway, then you may require opting for a performance brake upgrade with all such traffic and stoplights.

  • Water

When the brake pads and rotor get wet then it may make the metal slippery. It can then be quite harder for brakes to stop cars. It may cause problems if you require stopping quickly in order to prevent an accident. Rotors having holes already drilled in them or slots then it can help in drying the brakes quite faster for eliminating any kind of slipping.

  • Friction

At first, you might think that lesser surface area indicates less friction to stop, but the higher performance rotors are specifically designed for keeping the things away that can prevent you from stopping quickly like dirt, water, as well as brake dust. With lesser debris on the rotors and brakes, it is quite easier for the brakes for gaining traction.

Replacement performance rotors

Brake Upgrade

After the braking pad upgrades, the next comes rotor upgrades. Most of the upgraded rotors provide:

  • Increased cooling through improved vents, cross drilling, or even high-quality materials.
  • The increased swept area that allows for larger pads set.

Generally, a rotor upgrade is best when it is paired with a pad upgrade. Rotors and pads are together a system. Combining a good rotor with the pad which is designed for the rotor, you can get more braking performance than with a mismatched set.

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Brake Upgrade bike

You can never regret investing in the right brake performance. So, make sure to buy it from the best source online.


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