Personal Injury Settlement – What Are Included in It

Collisions happen because of many reasons. Negligent driving, wrongful actions, etc., might result in causing severe damages to either one or both parties involved in the accident. This is the time when you should apply for a personal injury claim, and finding the best personal injury lawyer can be the right way of dealing with the issue. 


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What to Expect from a Personal Injury Settlement? 

Applying for the claim of personal injury with the help of an attorney is the best way to get the right compensation for your injuries. Here are some of the things that you can expect from the claim. 


·        Economic Compensation 

Economic compensation includes reimbursement for some of the special damages incurred by the person involved in the accident. They include, 

  1. Medical bills of the victim 
  2. Expenses of the property damage 
  3. Lost income due to the injury 
  4. Out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the victim 

This can be calculated by gathering all possible bills and adding them up in the end. 

·        Non-Economic Compensation 



This includes many things that the victims suffer from after the accident. It is not possible to give out a perfect estimation and hence some of the factors will be considered while calculating this compensation and are listed below. 

  • Loss of consortium for the spouse 
  • Damages related to the pain and suffering 
  • Damage to the quality of life and the losses associated with it 
  • Damages related to the emotional stress 

It is not easy to just randomly calculate the non-economic damages that an accident causes in a victim’s life. Hence, the attorneys go with the idea of the “multiplier method” wherein the overall economic damages will be multiplied thrice and will be applied for a claim. 

A fee of the Lawyer 

A part of the settlement that you will get after winning your case will be used as the overall fee and charges of your attorney. Hence, most of the lawyers suggest a contingency fee plan, wherein you will pay them only after your claim is approved. 

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Average Settlement for Personal Injury 


Not all cases will fetch the same percentage of an injury settlement, as every settlement varies from one another. However, the estimated settlement from a personal injury claim can be between $3000 and $75,000. You can learn more about it with the help of your injury attorney. 

A lawsuit loan calculator will tell you how much money you will get from your personal injury settlement after paying back your lawsuit loan. The personal injury lawyer will charge you based on the results of the calculator, and you can plan to hire them or not according to your budget.  A personal injury claim is a daunting job, as you have to handle so many things from your end. The personal injury lawyers will make sure that your experience throughout the case is a stress-free one. Hire one to get the right compensation. 


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