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We are lucky enough to live in a world today, where we can capture every moment of our lives, every single thing we see, every single event we participate in, and then store it forever. Whenever we get the urge to relive these moments, we are able to do them, with just a click of our fingers.

Social media has provided us with a platform to share these pictures or videos we take with the rest of the world, thanks to the invention of smartphones especially. Today the markets are flooded with smartphones, of every shape and color. They have made it possible for almost every one of us to become a photographer.

But not all camera apps have been made equal, and not all of them have the ability to elevate your pictures or videos to the level of a professional photographer’s products. Pixma is an exceptional application, which does all of the above and more. It’s not just a camera app that allows you to take pictures and videos, but it also has outstanding picture and video editing options.

About Pixtica

Android Camera

The app has a very nice interface, that’s user-friendly and very attractive. It’s simple to use, and even has a dark mode if you ever needed it. The transitions between the different sections are very smooth, and by just sliding across the screen, the quick settings options magically appear, where you can set up the flash, timer, resolution, and type of image you want.

When using the camera app to take pictures or videos, you have the option to use real-time filters of various categories such as Pro, Film, Lens, Mono, and many more. In each of these categories, you are given an extensive selection of exquisite and unique filters. But the best part of the app, in my opinion, is the wide variety of dedicated shooting options, which have been carefully curated to serve your specific needs. Some of them are as follows:

  • Portrait mode: basically, helps you take the perfect selfie of yourself, and you can make necessary changes even before the picture is saved.
  • GIF mode: allows you to create GIFs out of the things in your environment
  • Document mode: allows you to turn a picture of a document into a pdf without any hassle
  • Note mode: helps you make notes instantly on pictures you take.
  • Creative mode: Offers options to beautify an image with stickers, texts, and words, that you can share with your loved ones for special occasions.

In addition to all these, we can’t forget about the awesome editing options that pixtica provides. You can edit pictures that you snapped through the app or any other picture on your device, by applying filters, backgrounds, or stickers. The same applies to videos also.

Download Pixtica for TV Box and TV Stick

You can easily download and install this camera application on your Android TV box or TV stick using AppLinked. First, create a free account on the AppLinked website using your phone or PC. You will get an AppLinked code for your AppLinked Store.

Next, download Pixtica APK and upload that file to your own AppLinked store. Next, download and install AppLinked on your TV box and use your AppLinked code to access your store. Download and install Pixtica easily.

There are many alternatives to AppLinked like FileSynced and Unlinked. You can choose your favorite app store. All those functions are the same.


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