BBQs 2u Delivered Ooni Pizza Ovens and BBQs to Customers Even During Pandemic

Ooni Pizza Ovens

Ever since people have explored the wide collection of barbecue grillers, pizza ovens, and accessories on BBQs 2u, they have become their loyal customers. The company’s passion for barbecues has made them the leading BBQ retailer in the UK. UK residents love their collection which is clearly suitable for the UK climate. During the lockdown period, when people were missing BBQ restaurants, BBQs 2u delivered huge Kamado Joe Grills and Napoleon BBQs in no time.

Recently, they stocked their warehouse with Kamado Joe giant models and updated their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Their followers are also as passionate about BBQs as they are. So, the company keeps updating the latest stocks and news about BBQs.

Ooni Pizza Ovens and BBQs

Their Facebook account was stormed with comments and queries when they uploaded a video about Kamado Joe Space Table which is the most spacious table used in the outside garden for barbecue.

BBQs 2u’s hard work can be seen in the reviews given by their loyal and happy customers.

Aileen said, “I will order again from BBQs 2u in the future and will recommend it to others without hesitation. They accept orders and deliver before the expected date.”

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BBQs 2u was launched in 2002 and it is not recently that they have received such wonderful comments from their customers. In March 2013, one of the customers mentioned, “I found a lot of info on barbecue from BBQs 2u. I pre-ordered for a product even before the 2014 range was introduced.

Ooni Pizza Ovens and BBQs

Their love and passion for barbecue have taken me by surprise. I love their exciting price range.”

The company is known to keep the latest BBQ models and accessories. They also keep Ooni Pizza Oven accessories. Ooni pizza oven is also a luxury outside garden pizza oven. Well, it is not only meant to prepare pizza but their model Ooni Koda 16 can also bake steaks, vegetables, fish, and many more. If you love the taste of wood fire smoky pizza, Ooni Pizza Oven UK is meant for you.

Ooni Koda being an award-winning model, Ooni Koda 12 and Ooni Koda 16 are worth a try –

Ooni Pizza Ovens and BBQ

Ooni Koda 12 is a gas-powered pizza oven weighing 9.25kg. A perfect portable oven that can be moved to different locations anytime, especially the outdoor garden. It preheats in 15 minutes to deliver the best cooked smoky pizza in 60 seconds. Cook up to 12 inches wide pizza on the stone baking board that is inserted in the foldable flips. You get Ooni Koda 12 sale at BBQs 2u with 1+3 years’ warranty after registering at

Ooni Koda 16 is another exclusive model of the Ooni Koda model. It reaches a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius in 20 minutes to bake exotic pizza in 60 seconds. However, it is slightly different from the previous model. The Koda 16 model has extra-large space to cook 16-inch wide pizza along with fish, steak, vegetables, or meat. At BBQs 2u you get Ooni Koda 16 sale along with 1+3 years’ warranty after registering in

Ooni Koda

This increase in demand during lockdown has increased the sale of BBQs. Nothing can stop UK residents from enjoying steak with chilled beer. The increased demand of giant Kamado Joe, Napoleon BBQs, has kept BBQs 2u always on high alert. They ensure that all accessories and models are stocked in their warehouse.


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