Reasons For Issues in Couples and How to Tackle Them

couples therapy

No relationship survives without a fight. It can be siblings, husband, and wife, people in romantic relationships, parents, and children, and friends and relatives, no matter what it is, every relationship will experience fights at one or the other point. Hence, you can declare someone a liar, if they tell you that they have never fought in any of their relationships.

Many issues can cause the spouses to fight. If it is something minor, then it can be solved early. However, if it is something major, then they will surely need an intervention from the experts. If you are suffering from such issues, then you can visit Pacific Beach Health. They are the best solution for your search for couples therapy near me. Visit their webpage to know more.

Why do couples fight?

Many factors can make couples fight and some are listed below.

Financial issues People lie when they say love is priceless. Everything comes with a price and so does a marital relationship. When the demands become critical, it requires an extra flow of money from all possible sources, and being devoid of money in a relationship can make the couples fight.

couples therapy

  • Broken trust 

Trust is something that is considered as one of the many stones that form the foundation of a relationship. When the trust is broken, it automatically causes a rift between the couples, as the crack is already formed in the wall of trust. It can be because of any reason, and broken trust can eventually drive the couples apart.

  • Too much or too little sexual relationship 

Some couples drift apart because there is no spark in their sexual life, which has resulted in fewer sexual activities between them. Some couples drift apart because of too much involvement in sexual activities. Believe it or not, this can also become the major reason for couples to call it quits.

  • More frequent arguments 

The couples argue less at the initial stages of their relationship. However, as everything starts to become old and non-attractive, arguments take place between them for every aspect. The more arguments, the higher the chances of irreplaceable kinds of aftermath. This can gradually make the couples drift apart from one another.

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couples therapy

  • Not enough time to spend with one another 

As the relationship proceeds, everything that once attracted the couples towards one another will start making them repel each other’s nearness. The term “free time” will become a kind of foreign subject and the couples would prefer doing something else than giving time to one another. This can become the major reason for them to fight.

Many such issues can make couples drift apart from each other’s presence. Hence, experts have suggested not doing anything that can result in the fall of the relationship, and to try and work the issues out as much as possible. However, when the situation comes to a junction where both the people do not wish to walk with one another, they are suggested to look for the couple’s counseling experts.

The experts with the couple’s counseling degrees will work on listening to both the sides of the blames, and stories, and come up with the best solution to help them work out their issues.


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