Small semi-serious guide on how to survive the day of lovers in the absence of a lover. Prohibited sadness and melancholy: February 14th as an ordinary day.

In the days before February 14th, we are often, if single, sad, and melancholic: nothing more wrong to go with dating sites. First: the feast of love is becoming more and more the outlines of party-oriented consumerism, in which there is very little romance.

Suppose two different situations.

Situation 1,

You have just been left, or did you leave your boyfriend. The memories will be, alas, inevitable. But what you do not absolutely need to do is ask “Why?”, “Why me?”. In short, never play the victim.

there is very little romance.

What to do on Valentine’s Day? Simple (at least in words): Do not cry. Another attitude is to keep away frustrated housewife: it is forbidden to remain closed to bask in the house (for the series and movie popcorn, no rips tears). I fully understand that may be difficult to get around whereas 90% will be seen only couples but if we begin to see that single day from a different perspective … you’ll see how things will change. You will definitely go out with a friend! Well, go with her to eat. There is nothing to celebrate? Apart from that, a friendship is already very important but the other thing that could have a very high value is the fact that you can “fight” a small/big fear and to face the “dreaded” and “dangerous” Valentine’s Day (and not just considering the conditions from which we started, right?). Also, try not to always remain attached to the phone in hopes of receiving a telephone call. Rather: Let your phone at home (for an evening you will be unreachable).

In short, never play the victim.

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Situation 2,

You are single for a while? If we wanted to throw a joke I would say that you have saved money for the gift. Seriously, what you do not have to do is ask “Why is my best friend is engaged and not me?”. Take off the head the idea that she has something more than you. Suggestions/tips to survive unharmed and emerge stronger and with the knowledge that it is not mandatory to have a boyfriend to smile to life:

1) Learn to rediscover our sexuality (not to be confused with the concept of sexuality) in this way we can enjoy what life offers us and we will see it as a bad thing being single;

February 14 could also become a party celebration,

2) We give space only to ourselves to find harmony and well-being. This does not mean to be selfish, but instead of doing something for someone else, we’ll do it for ourselves;

3) Let us pause to reflect on why we are not single, but on where we go, what we want (some concepts’ deep but useful for us to know our inner self).

In the end, February 14 could also become a party celebration, to mark, but not because it is single but because “Single is good.”

party with friends

And for this they are certainly more conscious and aware of the boys who live on February 14 in a different way from how we live rather us if we are honest & WeLoveDates, experience with a touch of “superficiality” that in this circumstance does not hurt (even turns around 50’s to be a real panacea) at senior dating.


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