Sleeping with Your Dog: 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

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There’s no denying that it’s a great feeling to cuddle up with your best canine buddy. Teacup Poodle is great companions and they give extra warmth and add a sense of security on cold, dark nights. However, even if you love your canine pal, he shouldn’t be sharing a bed with you and learn to sleep in his own dog bed instead. Here are the reasons why:

You may be on top of your pet’s health. You schedule regular vet appointments, but have you done the same for yourself? If your pup is already infected by a parasite like a roundworm, chances are, the parasite’s eggs are on your pal’s coat. When your dog snuggles next to you, these eggs could shed off onto your sheets then nestle into your skin. What’s worse, because these parasites aren’t visible to the naked eye, you won’t even know it’s happening to you.

  • Pathogens

Sleeping in bed with your pup can also put you at risk for certain diseases such as pneumonia and meningitis. Why? This is especially true for dogs that are not regularly washed or cleaned. Your canine friend may be a carrier of E. coli, salmonella, and certain other bacteria and viruses.

  • Safety

If you have kids at home who snuggle with the dog, you should consider putting a stop to it for their safety. Allowing your pup to sleep in your children’s room can lead to aggressive or possessive behavior. Your dog may start growling at your husband if he tries to get into bed with the kids. Make the bedroom a “humans only” zone to avoid triggering bad behavior from your dog. Your canine friend may think of the bed as his own territory, and anyone he doesn’t want to be there may become unwelcome in his “domain.”


  • Allergies

If you have allergies, sleeping with your pup is a bad idea. Not only will your allergy react to your dog’s dander and fur, but also expose you to allergens like dust and pollen as well. After all, you have no idea where your beloved pooch has been rolling around. Most dogs carry allergens as they stick on his paws, fur, and follow him to bed – causing your allergies to go berserk. This can result in sneezing and a stuffy nose which will prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

  • Ignoring potty breaks

You never know when your dog will accidentally use your bed as a bathroom. With your pup’s strong desire to stay with you in bed, he may neglect his need for a potty break.

  • Unhealthy dominance

Allowing your dog to sleep on your bed will encourage unhealthy dominance. When your pup can get on and off the bed whenever he wants, it will make him feel that he’s in charge, which may cause him to listen to you less. It’s crucial that you set clear rules for your pet especially if he has a tendency towards aggression or dominance with people and other animals. Be firm with your dog and directly say “no,” and usher him off if he jumps on the bed.

  • Sleep quality

Are you not sleeping well lately? It may be because of your dog. It comes as no surprise that dogs may interrupt sleep in a way that a human bed partner does not. This may be due to the fact that canines don’t understand a human’s sleep needs. Snoozing with your pup can drastically reduce your sleep efficiency even if you feel that you aren’t tossing and turning at night. If you really can’t let your dog out of your sight, you can place his dog bed in the corner of your room for him to sleep in.

Urge your dog to sleep in his own bed

Make your dog comfortable with his own bed so that he won’t be tempted to sleep with you. Give treats, add a blanket, and use a pet bed replacement cover to make your dog’s bed more cozy and ideal for sleeping. This way, you can avoid the 7 risks mentioned above and maintain a healthy human-dog relationship with your pet. Sleeping with your dog separately doesn’t mean he isn’t part of the family.


It’s better to not let your pup sleep with you than put both your pet, your family, and yourself at risk. AUTHOR BIO Farah Al-Khoja is the Managing Partner of Pet’s Delight.

A passionate entrepreneur, Farah holds a Bsc in Government from the London School of Economics. She is always on the lookout for new opportunities to develop and grow the pet and equestrian retail and wholesale market in the UAE and beyond, and is proud to be at the helm of the first and the largest pet care provider in the market representing world-class brands including Orijen, Applaws, Hunter, Savic, Flamingo, Ruffwear, and Rogz.



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